Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Perspective III, Its time to dance, EDIT

All that get this through email...I screwed up. I went to save this as a draft because I had to shut down my computer, but I hit ENTER instead of SAVE. And if you hit ENTER it automatically sends it to email. I wasn't done so read the bottom.

Hi all,
Did you know that blogs can be rated. I didn't. I would appreciate if you could all go and rate this blog at A 10 would be nice but if you don't feel like giving me a perfect score...9.9 will be fine.

The editors review this thing and I got a 7.2.
Just another example of the man bringing you down.

I think there are editor rankings and reader rankings. The blog was ranked 22 out of 114 (way better than my dental school rankings).
For the expert rankings, there are an panel of experts that rate on the frequency of posts, relevance of topics, site design and writing style.
But I think there is a readers ranking as well, so lets vote.
I mean I have already voted. I did it with my email, my dad's email, my wifes, and whoever's emails I could think of. I have done everything I could.

So vote and vote often and we will see if we can get up there.

On another cool note...
Did you know that I have had 12 readers from Singapore.
Oh yeah, world wide baby.

Did anyone watch TV on Monday? Good stuff. Not great but good. My wife watched Worst Week with me and she had some good belly laughs.
Nothing else on the home front.

There is only 18 days until my marathon. Wow.
I think of the three people that are running, I am the weakest. So I don't know how it is going to go.
We have yet to run in temperatures less than 75 degrees. But in Washington there is a chance of us running in very low temps. I run so much better in the cold. I will just do the best I can.

Have you guys been thinking about what I have been writing?
Have you admitted to yourself that you have a lot?
It has been about a month since I have come back from Mexico and I think I am started to come to grips with all that I have seen.

I have learned. I have learned not to hold on to what this world has to offer.
If I hold on to things tightly stuff will slowly become an idol to me.
Haven't we realized that the stuff of this world can be taken away.
My house, my job, my money, my car, my satellite TV, my 401k, my wife, my kids...are all idols that I love.
How many people have looked at their 401k in the last couple of weeks?

I don't want to sound all religious on you but...this is where our hearts should lie.
It should lie with God. You eyes should be on things not of this world.
"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal (Mt 6:18,19)
Why is this stuff so hard to get?

So the poor Mexicans who were dancing at worship had something to be joyous about.
It seems kind of weird to Americans. They are poor and don't know where their next meal is coming from but they had reason to dance.
They have lots of treasure, it may be stored up in heaven but they have it.

So remember the guy that lost his kid? Or remember the mom who's kid got in a Four Wheeler accident?
God never said it was going to be easy. He never said he wasn't going to take things from you. He never says he wasn't going to take away your 401k.
But He says, "Trust Him".
Trust Him that we will see each other in heaven. Trust Him that we all will be in our glorified bodies (if you think I am hot now...just wait until you see me in my glorified body. Problem is when you see me in heaven, in my glorified body, there will not be any you won't be like, "Whow, who is that hot babe?" You will be like, "Hey, how you doin'?". Man does my mind wonder or what?)
So we will be reunited with our kids. And our kids will not have any effects of the world.

To me it is the only thing that makes sense. I mean I have to hold on to this. Because without it, the world looks pretty bad to me.
Nothing really fills the void. I buy a new car and my happiness lasts until I have to make my first payment. Or until my next door neighbor get a nicer one.
I love my new house until I get the first electric bill or I love it until water comes in to my living room during the first thunderstorm.
Friends are great but we are all sinners. So I will either screw that up or they will.
Family is great until Christmas morning. "She didn't get me what I asked. She bought me this stupid tie. The real problem is she bought me this stupid tie on her trip to I can't even return it."
"My brother never buys me anything. He is so unappreciative"
"No one ever helps my wife with the dishes."
Starting to sound like any of your dysfunctional families or is it just mine?

Do you get what I am saying?

We have reason to dance. We have the King of Kings on our side.
So lets dance, maybe not like David in the Old Testament (he danced in his underwear), but dance none the less.

It is so hard to get...but I think I am getting it. Slowly.

Have a great week.
Tomorrow is Thursday, wow that went fast.

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patti said...

1. look at you marathon man!!! you will do great, and even if you dont, you will have done it!!!

amen about holding things loosely...none of it belongs to us

finally, get over yourself...6 readers from singapore...seriously, like 1/2 of the netherlands reads my blog...course 1/2 of them are related to me... wink wink


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