Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Marinating on Friday's blog.

Okay, Okay, I didn't write yesterday.

I wanted you to marinate on Friday's blog. Did you see it?
Very important, and is a must read for all dentists.

As you know I am off on Mondays so it is the hardest day for me to write (especially if I am playing golf) but the real reason is I am still partying from the butt whoopin' the Gators put on the LSU Tigers.
As Chris Farley would say, "That was awesome" (remember that from Tommy Boy).

But I just shake your head about the Ole Miss loss. So which team is the real Gator team.
I hope it is the one we saw Saturday night. Man was that sweet.

I will talk to you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Roll Tide, John. Roll Tide!

gatordmd said...

You do NOT want a piece of this.


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