Friday, October 24, 2008

The friday before the marathon

Oh my is Friday. That means in two days I will be running 26.2 miles through Washington D.C.
Wow, doesn't that sound exciting?

I can't tell you how excited I am. I am excited because I can run 26.2 miles. I mean how blessed do you have to be just to be able to do this. Even if my body will not hold up for the hole thing, I still feel lucky to have the ability to run. Other than my foot, which is feeling much better (thanks for asking) I haven't had any real issues with my body holding up.
You know how many people I talk to and they say, "Yeah, I use to run but since my knee operation, I can't anymore". So far so good with this old bod.

And then on top of this I get to run through Washington D.C.
I heard they do it up real nice there. Lots of military presence, lots of Hummers and military vehicles lining the streets. I heard this week there are snipers on top of the buildings because there is so many military men running in the race. Guns are cool.
I get to run through all the monuments, all the memorials, and all the government buildings...all the things that remind me what makes this country great.
We run by the Capital building and the Pentagon. I feel like a kid sometimes.

The run will remind me of all the poop that is going on in the world and our role in it.
I think of the men and woman that are fighting, and have fought, for our freedom. When I am running I want to think of the men and woman fighting for others freedom.
I have made a shirt with all people I know in the armed forces on the back, thanking them for there service.

Here is my itinerary...
I will get there sometime Saturday afternoon. We are staying at a Marriott a couple of blocks from the start line. We are only going to stay there only one night.
When I get there on Saturday afternoon I will pick up my packet. This packet will have my number and a couple of give aways in it. It will tell you what corral you are in.
They have corrals set up by your proposed finish time (they want all the runners that run the same speed starting together). You can probably see how trying to start 30,000 runners at the same time could be tough. In my last marathon I ran for almost 4 minutes before I reached the start line.
Back to the packet always pick up your stuff at the EXPO center. This is where there are a bunch of booths for PowerBar and Nike shoes, and other running apparel.
After the Expo, a bunch of us from the running group are meeting up for a carb filled dinner, at a local Italian place.

We are planning to meet Sunday morning before the race and stick together during the run as long as all of us are able.
After the race my family and I are planning on staying with some friends 20 miles outside of the city. So we will have a couple days to show the kids all around the city. The Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, The Smithsonian, the Capital Building. My son is so excited about seeing the Spy Museum.
Speaking of my son...he got to pitch in a game the other night. He struck out three kids. He was beaming. When he walked in the house we all started clapping. It was great. Oh, yeah and he didn't strike out. I am sure it was my awesome parenting. YEAH, RIGHT!
Lots to do in two days. Then we will start the drive home about 4am on Wednesday.

So I have to say there probably will not be a blog on Monday and most likely not on Wednesday either.
Does anyone want to have a go at this?
Does anyone want to get on their soapbox?
I could give you more YouTube videos to watch.?

Talk to you all later,
Have a great weekend.
Think of me on Sunday, race starts at 8am. Supposed to be low of 50 degrees and a high of 61.
I told you I haven't run in less that 73 yet this year.
I let you know how it goes.

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