Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm back.

I’m back. Did you miss me?

No one has stepped up to write while I am away.
So until someone wants to do it there is going to have to be nothing while I am gone. I could just give you a link to an article but this is what other bloggers do and I can’t stand it.
I would rather you read nothing than me do this.

Oh my gosh. I have so much to talk about. I told you I was going on a mission trip to Mexico. There were about 15 blog entries in a 5 day trip.
From the first day of working on teeth with out suction (yes, all my patients were spitting in a bucket) to the dude sitting next to me on the plane home. I can’t keep my head from spinning. But I don’t write these things down so I will probably forget most of the fine details.
I will do my best to remember.

I am almost done with my book. I told you the wrong name before, it is called Because They Hate by Brigette Gabriel.
It is about a woman who was brought up in Lebanon. Her and her Christian family lived in peace for 10 years along side Muslims.
Then all Hell broke loose.
The PLO’s were kicked out of Israel and Lebanon opened up their country to them. The PLO’s were pissed and were not happy about their situation and wanted to raise some hell. Next thing you know there is an all out war between the PLO’s and the Lebanese Muslims against Israel and the Muslim Lebanese.
For the next eight years her and her family lived in a 12x10 bomb shelter. After the war was over she saw the Israeli people that she was brought up to hate help her family and her friends without prejudice. Her eyes were open to some of the brainwashing she lived through. The book though, is about the slow influx of fundamentalist Islam to Lebanon and how she relates it to what is going on in the United States right now.
It is a bit “end of the world” ish but I have to say it really opens your eyes to the subtle things that you might not see.
This is going to be a blog subject soon.
I do want to know if there is a Muslim that reads my blog. I would love for you to write an entry. This is a big deal in our world today and we can speak anonymously if you want. Email me, we can talk.

Movies…I brought my 6’ DVD player on my trip and had some time to watch movies at night. I sat in bed and watched until the wee hours of the morning. I watched Harry and Kumar, Escaping from Guantanamo Bay. It was okay. It is what is is. Smoking pot and doing stupid things. It had some funny parts but pretty average when it comes to funny movies.

I saw To Kill A Mockingbird. Well, I don’t know if it is because I just read the book but I loved this movie. It is definitely up there…at least in my top 20. Does this mean I am getting old, if I loved a black and white movie?

I watched a movie called Eastern Promises. It was very good. I give this one an 8.

I am sorry this is it for the day. I wrote a really long blog but I have decided not to publish it right yet.
It is a sorry about someone but even though I change names and circumstances I do not want to upset the parents. This blog has gotten me is some hot water so the red flags started to go off and I thought best to wait.
I will talk to the mom tomorrow and if she says it is okay then I will post it.
It is not that bad but I don't really have the sensitive gene.

I am glad to be back.
Talk to you Friday, maybe tomorrow.

Ps my wife took our four year old to his first day of Pre-K yesterday. She said she was like a blubbering fool. She said she had to be contained she was crying so much.
She knows it is crazy but she is a mom. And moms want to be with their kids.
Today is our four year old's first day of soccer practice. It should be a real hoot.

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patti said...

Im so glad you liked To Kill A Mockingbird....Scout in that film is just irresistible and Gregory Peck...oh my! The book...second to none!

Dont worry, youll get your blog filter on eventually...I had my own share of "hot water" moments at the beginning of
You eventually learn to not post things that are too controversial or too personal or about other peoople who have not given you their permission. Its a bit of a shame that you cant blog in a vaccuum because I think sometimes when you filter yourself you lose a bit of it...hey I might do a blog on this...ciao!


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