Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I am having a pretty crappy day and I don't want to talk about it.
The ghost writer wrote political blog and I couldn't think of when to publish it.
It has some pretty strong undertones but I guess this is what you get when you talk about politics.
I do think this is a hot topic so no scathing comments. But if you think he/she is being pig headed then tell him/her.
I think some educated open discussion is healthy, but name calling and slander is not.

Lastly, I saw a movie the other night There Will Be Blood. I hated it. I don't think I have disliked a movie this much in a long time. I even hated the score (the music during the movie) and most of the time I don't even hear it.
Remember I am reading this book Living Through the Bible for a is okay. I am starting to read it faster so I can get through it. This is always a sign that I am not liking it.

With all the political activity, it’s time for me to weigh in. Obviously, I encourage you to vote for whomever you believe is the better candidate, but as a blogger – I have the forum to explain my opinion. I encourage you to use it by commenting on my blog with your opinion.

A couple disclaimers, I was raised Republican and the opinions expressed here are only mine. Ok, so here it comes…

“McCain couldn’t fill Mile high.”
That was the argument for our friend’s decision to vote for Barack Obama.

My brother, an artist, who isn’t much of a reader into politics, sees Obama as a phony from a mile away. He apparently made an effort to change our friend’s mind about McCain but from what I gathered seemed to be ill equipped to give our friend Bob much to consider.

So, for my brother and our liberal buddy I’ve assembled my reasons for why I’ll pull the lever for Senator John McCain come November.

1) I welcome anyone who remains unknowledgeable about the candidates to jump on Wikipedia and learn about who these guys are. If you feel Fox is too Right or the NY Times and CNN are to Left, then inform yourself with a vanilla online encyclopedia. What you’ll learn is that McCain crosses the aisle routinely. Take a look and you’ll see countless bills he introduced with democrats. You’ll also see how often he’s at odds with his own party. To me it means that he carefully considers what is right rather than casually flowing along the current of what is comfortable. Then, check out what Obama has accomplished. Go ahead.
2) I get Time magazine at the office and like to bring it home. The July 28, 2008 issue has an article that is telling of the immense differences between McCain and Bush. Democrats like to lump the two men together and tell their constituents that a vote for McCain is a vote for 4 more years of Bush policies. I encourage anyone to archive the article. It’s astonishing. These guys are far from friends.
3) I personally can understand why so many are disgruntled with W’s administration. The selection of Joe Biden by Barack was very interesting. A point should be made by the McCain staffers to remind Americans that Biden practically begged his friend McCain to switch parties and to run as VP a few years ago against Bush. Funny that he thought enough of McCain to ask this of him and now he’ll pretend Obama is his man.
4) CAGW. Most people have no idea what that is. It stands for the Citizens Against Government Waste. It’s a nonprofit group I belong to who publishes a pamphlet annually that details all the ridiculous crap our government spends money on. They have a series of bills that they watch closely. Then they carefully see how our elected officials vote. I would love my Obamaphile pal to see how his rock star senator rates. That’s right, they rate our politicians. I forget how it works but it’s on a scale of zero to one hundred. One hundred means you are a taxpayer hero. Zero means you are absolute scum and like to spend other people’s money on worthless pork barrel projects. Guess what? Hillary, Biden, and Mr. Stadium filler rate in the sub 20s. McCain’s 2007 rating I believe was 100 while his lifetime average over a twenty year period in congress is above 90. Check it out.
5) $4.00 a gallon for gas has arrived. The natural inclination is to think big oil is taking advantage of Americans. Democrats want us to believe that oil execs are rolling around in piles of dough laughing all the way to the bank thanks to their windfall profits. Sort of true. Cumulatively oil companies profit $1,500 per second. Wow! Those bastards. Well, those bastards also spend $15,000 a second to produce, refine, transfer, drill, research, and find that precious oil. Uncle Sam then takes $4,000 a second in taxes from big oil. Consider that the feds make more per second, almost three times more, than big oil. They also do none of the exploration, refining, transferring etc… Like so many other taxes it is legalized theft. Obama, in what amounts to seemingly communist declaration wants to punish big oil even more. He wants all Americans to receive a $1,000 check from the bullies at big oil. Who’s the real bully?
6) Democrats are coming down on McCain’s VP selection for her inexperience. That’s fair I suppose. But then it’s fair to then admit Obama’s inexperience. They want to label her as someone with no foreign policy experience. What did that matter to liberals when they elected Clinton with zero foreign policy experience versus George Bush Sr.. The elder Bush was an international affairs master to Clinton’s novice. Both Biden and Hillary have openly declared Obama isn’t ready for the presidency. Now they are gushing, publicly anyways, about their darling from Illinois. He’s only been a senator for 4 years of which he has been on the campaign trail for most of the last two. Add to his inexperience his reluctance to be decisive. I was watching a documentary on CNN where they traced his voting record back to the Illinois legislature. He amassed a record 128 “present” votes when asked to decide on bills presented before him. This means he didn’t have the knowledge or conviction to vote yes or no 128 times. What? This kind of wishy washy voting is not what we need in the oval office. Decide and back up why you voted yes or no.
7) “What has Barack Obama accomplished?” This is a question that is never answered. What you’ll hear in response is that Bush’s policies have ruined our standing in the world, we need a new direction in Washington, or Obama brings hope for a better tomorrow. Great, now answer the question, you know, about his accomplishments. They never ever do. Think about that.
8) Back to the Palin experience vs. Obama experience comparison. Consider you are a single voice in 100. Consider you aren’t actually doing your job for half of your term. Consider you could just check “present” when you want to pass on the responsibility that you’ve been elected for. Or, better yet just vote in rhythm with your party and give almost no thought to the ramifications of your decisions. Compare that to someone who can’t simply pass on decisions. Someone who is front and center in her state. Palin fought her own party with conviction to do what was in the best interest of her fellow Alaskans. Her moves were front page stuff while his have been diluted by another 99 votes. Do we really want to compare accomplishments?
9) Character. Let’s briefly go over it. McCain has it oozing from every pore of his body. The whole thing where he refused to be let go from the Hanoi Hilton unless his comrades were set free is something out of fiction. I wonder what Obama would have done. That’s almost not fair considering what most of us would have done. Good luck finding old acquaintances or friends with anything negative to say about him. Even his ex wife has a positive opinion of JM. He’s fought against special interest and lobbyists who were actually freinds. Kicking them out of his office on many accounts. He and is wife Cindy adopted a baby from Bangladesh and raised her. It all smells like a badass, a man of conviction, and an enormous heart. Palin has her own remarkable story where she has demonstrated her unwaivering stance on abortion by having a child with Down’s syndrome. Contrast that with the history on Barack. He surrounded himself with Rev. Wright, Ayres, and some guy named Rescoe. That’s a lot of scumbags to distance yourself from.Who exactly are we voting for?

If you believe that we should be taxed more than we are now and our government needs to be more involved in assisting Americans then clearly Obama or Democrats are for you. If however you find that the government is already overreaching and under performing then McCain and Republicans make sense.

I should mention that I have many liberal friends. I respect their opinions. One friend mentioned fiscal responsibility and social liberalism as how he votes. I told him he was a libertarian. Then he pointed out how the billions we are spending on this war are not fiscally responsible. Guess what? He’s right. This is the best argument I’ve heard. McCain’s stance on immigration, Iraq, and payroll taxes aren’t anywhere close to being in line with my politics or my interests. At least I know who he is and what he stands for. He isn’t Mr. Hollow Promises with no concrete positions from the state of Illinois.

My hope is that we don’t squander the chance to have someone like John McCain while we have the opportunity. Let’s clear get rid of the smoke and mirrors. Let’s ignore the rhetoric and closely study the two men. You know where I stand.

Oh, yeah...we know where you stand.
Just to let you know, he/she wrote this a little bit ago and we had an editing period to tone it down. So yes this is the toned down version.
And just today the Washington Post/ABC poll has Obama ahead by 9 points. (Lord, help us)

Remember, not mean comments.
I don't know if Friday is going to work for me because I will be out of town.
But I will try to talk about Perspective all next week. It is definitely heavy on my mind.
Talk to you later,


Anonymous said...

John - If the so-called main stream media ever let their guard down, forgot their agenda and biases and were actually CONSISTENT in their attacks on the right and left, the Dems would be out of business as we know them today. Women like Margaret Thatcher and Sara Palin should be heroes of the Women's Movement, but they are instead marginalized. Here in the great north, Bernie Sanders (technically an Independent but actually the best liberal socialist the Dems ever had) was running for the House against a female Democrat. Guess who NOW and the media endorsed. Did they champion the woman? Nope. Bernie was too powerful and worshipped at the right church!!

Does anyone remember how Biden got booted out of his last two presidential attempts. Do you remember CNN bringing up his "integrity" issue lately?

The media has attacked "W" since he became a serious candidate 9 years ago. He was anything but an elitist intellectual and didn't kowtow to them. After 9+ years of constant ridicule, is there any wonder why "public approval" ratings are in the toilet?

The damn media creates stories (like public opinion polls) then reports on them, like its "news".


Anonymous said...

Everything has a different side, so what seems evil may be not that evil. Good Post.

gatordmd said...

I appreciate twayne and Rockville commenting.
I hope you are liking the blog.
Feel free to write me anytime.
Don't forget if you just like to talk to me one on one

Thank you again,


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