Friday, September 12, 2008

Cell phones

I couple of quick antidotes before I get to my topic.

I have a patient who lost #3 and #14 (for all you non-dental people, these are upper 1st Molars).
We did some implants in these areas about 4 years ago. They have been fine ever since.
We have been cleaning her teeth every six months since then. She came in for a cleaning yesterday and she said she has been having some issues with the crown on #3. She says in the morning the crown feels high. So she pushes it up real hard with her thumb and then it is fine.
I took a closer look, the crown was mobile.
Let me explain to the non dental people about an implant.
You have an implant that is placed in the bone. After the initial placement you wait up to 6 months for the implant to "integrate" in the bone. If you have good integration you can not get this implant out. If you want the implant out you have to cut it out.
So now you have this titanium root in the bone. What you do is have something called an abutment. This is the thing that is going to sticks out of the bone (not the tooth looking thing but the piece the crown will cement on to). Now you have the implant and the abutment and they are held together by a screw. You crank the screw down and then you put a crown on top of the abutment.
When you finally do cement the crown, you can do it one of two ways. If you want to be able to take it off you use temporary cement. If you never want to get it off you use permanent.

When a implant crown comes loose you automatically think the screw because it is the weakest link.
So getting the screw can be tricky but all things are not lost. But I went back to this woman's chart and the crown was put on temporarily. So I thought I could take the crown off and then get to the screw.
I started to try to rock the crown off. I thought it was coming so I continued to rock. I started to see metal which I thought was the abutment (meaning the crown was slowly coming off).
Finally the crown gave way and came out....only one problem.
THE IMPLANT WAS STILL ATTACHED TO THE CROWN. I pulled out the whole f!@#$%!-ing thing.
You should have seen my assistants eyes. This was not good.
Now you have to understand. I didn't do anything wrong. I did not pull too hard because like I said if you wanted to get a integrated implant out you would have to cut it out.
The real issue I am having is that we have cleaned her teeth about 8 times since she has had the implant. Did my hygienist not probe the implant? What is up with that?
So this made for a real rough day.

Now to my philosophy on cell phones.

I think all cell phone companies have got the biggest racket going.
I am going to tell you about my story and I know you can relate.
I am an AT&T customer. The practice has a 17 year relationship with AT&T (as our cell phone carrier).
I think of myself as an average guy when it comes to owning a cell phone.
I want my phone to work. I want to be able to call without being dropped. I want a couple of features that are special and I want to have a phone that makes me look cool.
Thats it.
I don't care what contract I have. I don't care how much it is (as long as it is fair).
Being I am probably going to stay with AT&T, why would I care if I had to sign another contract.
The only time I really care about my phone is when it stops working.

Now this is where it gets hairy.
I will tell you about the issues I have had with my phone in the last 6 months.
I was at the table having a drink of water and reading the paper. I spilled the water.
My phone was on the table. As the water was hitting the phone I picked up the phone real fast. I shook it off as well as dried the outside with a paper towel.

Apparently, getting a phone even the least bit wet is a real problem.

It stopped working. I took the phone in.
Did you know there is a wetness indicator on the inside of the phone that will let the salesman know that the phone has gotten wet?
So it is void of warranty if the phone gets wet.

So I had to have the phone repaired and pay for it. (I have a $50 phone that cost $49 to have repaired.)
But since then the phone has been unreliable.
One minute the phone has a full charge and then the next minute it is off.
So I have to do one of these things....Take out the battery and shake it. Then I have to blow on the battery and then blow real hard into the phone (like the old Atari games...if you know what I am talking about you are getting old too).
Then I put the battery back in and do a "cell phone I need you to work" dance.

I know what you are thinking. Why don't you just go get another phone? Well, here is the deal. I apparently signed a 2 year contract and I am not allowed to get another phone for 18 months after I signed the contract. I have the piece of sh!@#$^t RAZOR phone, you know that one that self destructs after 12 months but you have to keep it for 18.
Now I have told you in the past, I am cheap. I pay very little for my phone service, something like $40 a month. So this means AT&T doesn't like me.
They will allow me to get a phone before the 18 month limit if I agree to move up to this phone...the Blackberry 8,000,000, which will only cost you $110 a month.
I look at the guy like he is fricking crazy and leave the store.

But you know that if you call AT&T on the phone they have different rules than the store. But the weirdest thing is that if you go on the computer they roll by different rules also.
This is what is so maddening.
The people on the phone have no idea what the people in the store can offer you. The people in the store have no idea what deals are going on online.

So me the 17 year customer calls up AT&T and tell them I want a new phone. First of all they do NOT give a flying crap that you have been a loyal customer for 17 years.
"No problem Dr. Gammichia. I see you have only had your present phone for 16 months but I am authorized to break those rules for you. What phone can I get for you today?"
"I like those new Blackberry 830's."
"Oh, Dr. Gammichia that is a sweet phone. Nice choice. I can get that to you by Tuesday and it will be $260"
"That's sounds okay but I am looking online right here and they say that the phone is $150."
"Well that is online and if you want to get that you have to do it online."
"Well can't you do it for me?"
"We are not the same."

"Okay, I can get past this but one more thing. My assistant that just signed up with AT&T only paid $100 for her new Blackberry 830."
"I am not authorized to discuss anyone elses deals."
When are they going to invent the phones that you can reach through and strangle the person on the other end?

"One more question, how much is my monthly fee going to be? Well we can put you on the same plan but with the Blackberry there is a data fee of $50 a month. So your bill will be in the area of $100 a month."
"What is the data package?"
"Well this is unlimited internet on your phone."
"Well I don't want internet."

My time has run out but you get the picture.
As I sit here and go and call my wife to tell her I am coming home and my phone is not working.
I guess it is time to to the cell phone dance again.

Have a great weekend,
See you Monday,

I started a new book, I can't remember what it is called. I will tell you on Monday.
I saw I movie last night that I liked. Green Street Hooligans.
It has some really bad effects but other than that it was pretty good.
I had Mad Money but my wife watched it with the girls and told me 2 of the four fell asleep while watching it.
She told me, don't waste your time.

My website is up

remember it is only $39 a month.


patti said...

Best line of the blog: When are they going to invent the phones that you can reach through and strangle the person on the other end?...seriously, you need to look into stant up....

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