Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Parenting 101

Hi all,
I thought Mondays blog is going to be a classic. If you missed it you have to go back.
But when you are talking about kids all you can do is laugh.
My mom and my younger sister were over yesterday, for dinner, and we were just having a ball talking about growing up.
My sister says, "Mom, I remember you always being late to pick me up from things."
(as an aside, I have 4 brothers and sisters. 40,39,37, 27,25. So there was 3 then in 10 years there was 2 more)
I said, "Oh yeah, well when we were in summer camp, on time, mom dropped us off and then took off. You know, "Bye, I love you. Be back at 3:30 to pick you up."
Only one problem...there was no camp that day.
Back in the day when I was 8 years old, you could just drop a kid off and not see an adult. You just told your kid to get to his classroom by himself. And there were no cell phones to tell your mom to come and get you.
At this point we were screaming into an empty building for the janitor to help us.

It is funny sometimes how ill equipped we are to parent. And we are the ones really trying.

I did want to get to this story...I am leaving for Mexico at 1:30 today so I hope I can get through this.

You are not going to believe this. I usually get to this throughout the day.
I started this early in the morning and I never was able to get back to it.
Here it is 2 minutes before I have to leave to the airport and you remember the last time I went to the airport. I am trying to not go through that again.

I have to go.

Adios, I will talk to next Monday.
I swear I will get to this story.

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dancingwithcats said...

JG, your last post had me rolling on the floor...oh my lands! Its like a slice of need to discipline, but its cutting your heart out...oh lands! I sooo get it!
We need to talk about running...i need to get moving again! Im being inspired thinking of somoene running 20 miles...


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