Friday, August 22, 2008

Rain, rain, go away.

Okay the Olympics.
First and foremost, it was brought to my attention that I might have offended some people with my hoodlum and punk comment about track stars. I can assure you I was not thinking of color at all when I said that. I am sorry if it came across that way.
I hope to be more sensitive to this in the future.

Okay I thought the track and field in general sucked. On my way home I would hear the results of the nights events that actually happened 12 hours before. Then I would go home be forced to watch the events that I already know the results from. Then I would wake up and get to read about it in the paper.
Passing the baton. Is this a big deal? I guess so. What the heck?
I mean it is passing the baton. You are ahead by 10 yards, you don't even have to do it fast. It was a heat race. its just passing the baton, come on.

Hey has anyone seen Greg Louganes? Because he needs to make a come back. Our divers stunk and stunk bad. At least they stunk next to the 40 pound Chinese "women". They all went into the water and it was like the splash was being sucked in. It was hilarious. But we redeemed in beach volleyball. That was AWESOME. I loved it. Now these guys (and gals) have to play like 100 games to get 1 medal. But Phelps swims 17 times and gets 8 medal. Swimming is so much more bang for the buck.
Three more days of the Olympics...what am I going to do with me time.
It is almost time for America's Got Talent and some new episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

I almost forgot, I watched Definitely, Maybe last night. I did not like it. It was like a romantic comedy that wasn't funny and not romantic. Don't waste a spot on your Queue for this one.

Okay when I was making fun of this "Hurricane" I didn't realize that I could upset someone upstairs.
Man oh man. It has been raining here for 4 straight days. I am not talking about rain stop for a while and then rain again. I am talking about non stop rain the whole time.
So far this morning I have talked to 5 people that have water in their homes.
One of them is ME. Last night water started coming in my living room through a recessed light. Drip, Drip, Drip. So we had a bucket in my living room. This is not good.
My pool is overflowing.
Now that is just at my house.

Now my office is another story. It is like a disaster area.
I am pretty sure my office was struck by lightning over the weekend. My vacuum system was not working and we were having all sorts of electrical issues.
All the computers are on the fritz. Probably in relation to the lightning strike.
Oh, by the way, if you are all digital and your computers go out...this is bad. REAL BAD.
You can 't look at xrays, you can't look at a treatment plan. You can't look at an letter from the periodontist. You don't know what you are doing on the patient sitting in your chair.
Then you call the computer guys and they are not working because of the weather. Again, not good.
So deep in our Rolodex we find the cell number to one of the repair guys and he came right over (after he got dressed).
This was a big deal to us. We were very thankful to the tech. We ran down the street and bought him a $50 gift certificate to Home Depot (everyone loves Home Depot). It was a tender moment when we gave it to him.
The computer guys have been here about 5 hours a day for the last three days.
They send out the Dell people (because we are still under warranty).
You are going to love this one. The Dell guy shows up (not a Dell guy but someone hired by Dell to do contract work) because he has been called by my computer guys. He has strict orders on what computer to take and repair. We told him that the one that he is taking is not the one that is giving us the problems. He says the numbers match up so this is the one I have been told to take from you.
He says if you don't want me to take this computer you are going to have to call Dell.
Okay, then what is the number we can call so we can straighten this out?
He says, "I don't know."
He reiterates, "I don't work for Dell, so you are going to have look it up yourself."
I started to look around for the cameras because I thought I was on Candid Camera or something.
Has the world gone crazy or something?
Okay so you don't directly for Dell, but you are being paid by Dell. You don't have phone with your employers number programmed in it. You don't have it memorized. You don't have a sticky note with it on it.
Needless to say it has been wet around the central Florida area. And yes we have been working.
I don't know about your collectors but they don't care about the weather and they still want their money. So when the weather is bad we still work.
But it seems that patients don't feel that great about driving and coming to the dentist in the rain.
Although the patients in our Apopka dentist office have been great and it hasn't been that bad here but I have spoken to other dentist that said their offices have been like a desert (A desert with their parking lot filled with water).
And all this because I said this hurricane wasn't going to be a big deal. Who would of thought?

Have a great weekend,


patti said...

WHy oh why are you so funny! Your blog is hilarious... I swear its just like chatting with you!
USA divers v. China divers is like a 747 v. an aeroglider. No comparison. It was almost embarassing. Bravo to the women's there is a sport for ya.

Anonymous said...

Defintely maybe wasn't that bad. Was his Clinton support an issue that stained the film for you.
I would have thought the little girl would know immediately that her Mom went to Wisconsin for undergrad.

gatordmd said...

Definitely Maybe....
It had nothing to do with Clinton. It just wasn't a good movie. Oh, it might have something to do with telling your 11 year old about all your sexual escapades. Then telling her, during your marriage and raising of her, you were in love with another woman than her mom.
Or something like that.
And it wasn't that funny.
Repulican or Democrat this movie was not good.


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