Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Are You Clubbing Yet???

Several years ago, a local specialist and his associate decided to invite a group of “young dentists” to their practice to participate in a series of ongoing lectures for free CE. The original topic was “The New Patient Experience.” The session included role-playing about what a new patient exam should include and how to engage the patient. Subsequent sessions built upon the previous to develop new and creative ways to assess patients and their desires for care. We also enjoyed topical lectures on relevant dental subject material.

These sessions were of great value to me. We were encouraged by our hosts and we learned something from each participant. I still use many of the techniques that I learned during these sessions on a daily basis.

This program ultimately morphed into more of a study group/book club. Our group focuses on topics like leadership skills, clinical evaluation, and management, but the primary focus is still the same: to gather together to share ideas, discuss frustrations, and enjoy successes. The founding specialist is now retired from clinical practice and he is missed, but his idea to bring “young dentists” together continues. 

Over the last few years, we have forged a great group. Our group has even expanded to include a few social events. 

At a recent meeting, our focus shifted to our own clinical cases—both the successes and failures. I found this session to be one of the best we’ve had to date, because it was truly a brainstorming meeting of professionals with varying levels of experience and knowledge.  

If you have the opportunity to join an existing study club, do it! If there isn’t one available to you, consider inviting your peers to form one. We all have something to offer and share with one another. Your idea, or perhaps an idea from someone else, could have a significant impact on the profession. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to form some lifelong connections. As an added bonus, if yours peers aren’t yet taking advantage of the amazing membership that the AGD offers, then I suggest you bring that to their attention!  

Colleen B. DeLacy, DDS, FAGD

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