Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Closing up shop

Hey all,

I hope you all had a good weekend. I was thinking of Friday's blog. I think that my 8 item product list was pretty simple. Nothing on this list was very expensive. Nothing on this list was anything special. Nothing on this list was stuff that you guys wouldn't have. I mean you all probably have most of them.

I think, more and more, I am becoming a meat and potatoes guy. I have a small box of things I like to do; I think I am very good at those things, so, I do them. It is not that I'm not willing to try new stuff, but, why?

I did however look up how much a used CEREC would cost. I talked to a dentist who I really like and he is loving his. He thinks that I would love it. I still think I don't do enough crowns to warrant this machine ,but if it were greatly reduced in cost, then I would think about it.

Last Thursday, I went to an implant study club. I was very encouraged by the range of dentists there. There were guys that were 3 years out and there were guys that were 40 years out. There were at least 15 guys (there were only 40 dentists there) that were over 60. I hope I still enjoy (and still have passion for) my work when I am over 60.

Okay topic de jour... I know it is really sucky out there right now. For me, it is pretty slow. Times are pretty tough and on top of that, it is July. Everyone that does have money is using it to go on vacation; they are not coming here.

I was talking to a dentist that has been out for one year. He has just been laid off from his associate job and there is NOTHING out there. My supply rep was in last week, and he told me that he had to stop selling to more than 7 dentists because they were not paying their supply bill. Now, you know that they are not just behind on one month's bill. They must be a bunch of months behind.

I did come across an article online that put things into perspective. I wanted to share it with you, but I guess some copyright law says I can't (but you can find the article here). It seems that in Arizona, it is getting so bad that there are dentists closing up shop. When the bottom fell out of the housing market, the patients that the dentists followed to the outer areas of the Valley left. Arizona dentists are selling their practices or just closing their doors, and the practices that remain open have plateaued. You know it is bad when the good news is that it is just bad and not real bad.

I hate to bring you down today, but I know that some of you might be struggling and I want you to know that you are not alone.

I was out to dinner with my friend/periodontist, and we were talking about the ills of our practices. He got quiet and thought about it a second and said, "Though, we do have it pretty good," and I agreed. I just wrote a blog about this very topic about 2 weeks ago and it was funny that he came to the same conclusion as me. He has his wife and daughters, and feels pretty lucky.

As for the ills of practicing... This too shall pass. Just keep treating people like kings and queens and it is bound to get better. Just hold on. I am and so is my periodontist.

Want to share anything?

Let me know,

P.S. I told you that I submitted my lecture to the ADA for a program called New Speaker Stage, to speak at the ADA meeting. Well, they said they will let everyone know BY August 6th. I have not been contacted yet. Is this a good thing or not?
Am I fighting it out with 5 other people? Have they already chosen the people and are waiting to let the losers know on the last day? I'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

i know there's a whole pile of folks loving their CEREC, but i'm not one of them. love me my lab tech, choice of bunch of materials, his turn-around, and the fact that my 30 min prep time and 5 min seat time is still less than a CEREC crown mill. keep your 60-100K. especially in these fancy times.

gatordmd said...

I hear you and I too have a very special relationship with my ceramist. We are friends. I am however doing a lot more onlays instead of crowns where I know the CEREC unit might be good.
I am not sold on it totally but THINKING about it.

ps Want to sell your unit?


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