Friday, February 1, 2008

The weekends are awesome

This past weekend was so awesome. When you have kids every weekend is so rich.

I am going to tell you some stories and if it gets a little long I will start again on Monday.

On Fridays we usually like to just hang out. We have another family that has started to come over and just hang with us. They are a great family of 6 (four kids). So that is 4 adults and 7 kids, wow.

If it is cold, in Florida that is 55 degrees or lower, we get a duraflame log and have smores.

So the adults are out there enjoying the beautiful weather and each others company, and the kids are everywhere. They can play in the "playroom", they can play outside where we can see them or sometimes they will play in their rooms.

Then one of the boys came out, in a bit of a panic, and said "I can't get the zipper unzipped on the hamper". I was thinking, I am kicked back drinking wine, unwinding from a tough week, don't bother me kid. So I said, "It is no big deal, I will get it later"

He said, "Yeah, but Madison is in it".

OHHHH!! That is different.

I went in there and sure enough she was in the hamper, like one of those contortionists.

I rescued her from the perils of broken zippers. I am the hero.

Until the next day.

Basketball at 9am to 11am. But one thing I did not tell you is that we went to MONSTER TRUCKS on Saturday night.

Now this is a boys night. Noah, my 4 year old, everyday for a week would wake up from his nap and say, "Is today the day we are going to Monster trucks?" It is so cute.

Now if you have never been to monster trucks you will never understand. Trust me, you have to be there. It is so fun. The first year I went, I was bringing my nephew about 7 years ago, I went without a ticket. I did not realize since its inception it has been SOLD OUT.

I had to scalp tickets. Yes to monster trucks. 65,000 people (I almost said red-necks, see I am learning).

So for the people in my church it is a big day. One guy buys about 200 tickets, in the family section (there is actually a family section where there is no smoking and no drinking allowed) and gives them to people at his work and church and their families (you pay him if you can, and if you can't...have a great time, it is a ministry for him). So he goes to the stadium about 6 hours before it starts and sets up a tailgator. Tents, tables, grills, broilers and spends the day there. He makes hot dogs and slow cooks pork to make pulled pork.

So me and the boys get there about 4pm for the tailgator. Both boys are in shirts that say "Little guy" and I am wearing a shirt that says, "Big guy". They still love being around there daddy.

Back to my friend, he buys 5 parking spaces and him and all "our" peeps are parked around the tents. The trucks are all parked in a circle and the boys play football and tag and smear the queer in the middle of the trucks. This is a total testosterone thing. We have burping and passing gas contests (I almost said fart, growth is a good thing).

So the boys are having a ball and the dads are hanging out watching the boys act like idiots. When Noah comes to me and says, "I have to go to the bathroom". So I look around and tell him, "Lets just go pee by one of the trucks".

Now remember all of our people are around, everyone knows each other, right? Well...apparently not all the trucks were the people in our group.

So I have pulled Noahs pants down to pee (he is FOUR years old) and I hear, "hey don't pee on my truck."

I am fully engaged with Noah and am looking down to make sure he doesn't pee all over himself. As I am looking down I say, "Okay dude", thinking someone is messing with me.

So Noah is done peeing on this guy's tire and I get up with a smile on my face think someone in my group is messing with me. But some dude is looking at me and he is madder than a snake. And still have no idea what is going on so I walk by this guy and slowly realize this is the guy that was talking to me and this was his truck and he ain't messing around.

Now this is not a souped up Harley-Davidson truck or a Cadillac or anything like is a Ford Explorer truck (this is the point where I would make fun of Ford Explorer trucks but not this time. You can't bait me into it). And his Ford Explorer truck has a "I love (heart) my truck" liscense plate on the front.

So I kind of gaze back at him and he has this stone face on. So I think this guys is going to punch me, so I think I better address this before I get sucker punched or something.

So I said, "Dude (this is how guys talk to each other), is this your truck?" And still with the stare, "Yes".

I said, "Dude, I am so sorry. I thought you were joking around. I thought you were a guy in my group."

He said, "I thought YOU were going to pee on my truck and I was going to come up all on you". Then she says, "I understand if the little guy has got to go but..." I could tell this guy was really pissed and was trying to be cool. I mean he does heart his truck.

Now the truck next to this one had about 12 kids in the back of it jumping up and down in it, rocking it back and forth. But the one truck in the whole place that didn't belong to someone in our group, I pick to pee on. I mean it was a four year old peeing on your TIRE, dude.

At 6:30 we begin to move to the stadium. It started at 7pm. It was four hours long. Let me tell you it is so awesome for the boys. They love every minute of it. I buy them every piece of candy you can imagine. This thing is a money making machine. They sell cotton candy, they sell french fries, funnel cakes, snow cones and adult candy as well... and beer.

I told them the one thing I would not buy was T-shirts with your favorite Monster Truck on it. This is going too far. They were ticked at me.

If you haven't been you can't imagine. I am going to let you see a quick video of it, just so you can have a little glimpse of what it is like. I took it with my little camera so the quality is not good.

Needless to say we all were pooped when we got home at 11:30. It is great to see your kids passed out in the back of the car on the way home. They gave it all they had.

The blog is getting kind of long so I must stop here. But I leave you with another "Noah". We have been going over letters with him. We are on the letter "C". The book has the letter and pictures of things that start with the letter "C". So there is three things on the page. Now he is so excited he is yelling the answers out. First a picute of a cat and he yells, "CAT". I said great. The second was a cow and try to form he yells, "COW". Then there was a picture of a cupcake and he yells out, "MUFFIN".

Now, I don't know if this was funny to you but I laughed so hard. I put them to bed and still couldn't stop laughing. It was a picture of a cupcake you know C...upcake. But he said Muffin. I am still laughing about it. Kids say the darndest things. Noah is so funny to me.

Hope you have a great weekend.


My wife and I have reviewed this blog and told me the kids would not be offended by this blog.

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Buckeyedental said...

John did you remember your ear plugs?
Kids are fun we have two of the three on traveling teams now.
Have a great Mon.
Kim Shaw


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