Thursday, January 31, 2008

I messed up... again

You know this mouth of mine really can get in the way sometimes.

Something happened to me yesterday that I should blog on this.

But in hind site I think it may have been offensive to some people and for that I apologize.
I really am sorry. I want this to be blog that is fun and representative of me and who I am.
I promise it wont happen again.
Well....I promise I will try to think before I type.
Thank you for your patience with me.


Buckeyedental said...

Ah John, what happened this time? I am the most conservative bible thumping Christian out here and I was not offended by the post.I am always surprised by what I her and see at the office (and in public). At the office it is mostly the patients but sometimes the staff, or people I have interviewed. All you did was report a story of what one of your patients did and how she did it.It was foolish behaviour on her part, but funny. I do not know if it was your staff, wife, AGD, or Dad that got upset but do not let it get you down. By the way I have two breast stories one from dentistry and one from general public both just foolish woman thinking it is OK to let it hang-out.Have a better day Kim Shaw

Unknown said...

hilarious - I wish the Staff christmas party story was still up. Man - my buddy needed a good laugh after what happened to him the other day - please repost, they'll forgive you...

Anonymous said...

Now that I've had time to review all the copies of your blogs and deleted blogs (yes, there are plenty of printed copies out there), as well as your opening statements where you say you want a "truthful" relationship with those on your blog, I just felt compelled to convey this to you:
the printed word is a powerful tool. Do you really think you have meaningful relationships with those you work with after your humiliating comments you posted for the public to see?

Yes, I am "that girl who worked for me for 3 years." Since you want a truthful blog, I just wanted to clarify a couple of things.
1. I worked for you for 4 1/2 years--look it up. In that time, I tried to bring professionalism to your office and do my job top-notch. I am proud of that.
2. Your assistant/confidante has embellished what I said regarding Christmas presents. Actually, I said two things, neither being that I didn't want to give the doctors a gift. What I said was that I was uncomfortable buying separate presents for the doctors' wives (which many of my coworkers still agree with) and that I thought we should not be told how much we owe for a doctor's gift, but instead donate what we are comfortable with and then get the gift from there (again, many also agree with this). That is my opinion and I still believe that. Sorry you thought the gifts were crappy; it's the thought that counts.
In all these years, haven't you realized your assistant/confidante plays both sides?
3. You say that you went from Bucca to Habana Grill and still received complaints...and that no one ever wanted to plan the event. You conveniently leave out that "that girl who worked for me for 3 years" actually planned two years of Christmas parties in between the two you mention, both at Luigino's. I'm pretty sure you never heard any complaints about them. And you're welcome for my planning them.
4. And finally, maybe you are telling the truth that you averaged one thank you a year. If this is true, than I am the only one who ever gave you a thank you, as I was sure to give separate ones to you and your dad all 4 years I attended. I must say I am surprised that your "jack & coke drinker" and others never gave you one, but that's not my business.

I hope this doesn't come across as angry, because I'm not. I no longer work there, but am still saddened that you would print these things about your employees and even your comments about your father. These postings and some of the ones about your patients make me question your judgment.

Two final thoughts --

I've never wished you anything but the best in your life and business. Still feel the same. I live by honesty and it helps me sleep really well at night. I hope you can say the same.

And finally, you say in the opening of your blog that through your failures you hope this blog helps you to grow. I hope it helps you to grow...and to grow up.

YOUTH said...

I know you are trying to be more PC and not offend anyone, but the reason I like reading your blogs is because of your blunt honesty. As a dentist, you do run into "things with staff or patients" that every dentist feels at least once - that's why its so funny b/c we can relate! For my sake, dont try to tone down.

gatordmd said...

Thank you all for your support.
The problem with the boob one was that sure this is my blog but it is also under the umbrella of the AGD. Now you can imagine how that might make it a little more important not to offend.
Not that the AGD is a "kill joy", in fact they all have been very supportive. I, being a super star and all, have to use my power wisely. Younowhatimsaying.
You all have been great. Keep reading. Keep commenting.
I think if the comments keep coming and they are all supportive I might loosen the reigns a little.


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