Monday, October 5, 2009

Miley Cyrus to Michael Jackson

Ahhhhhh, the 1st of the month. It is like a spring every 4 weeks - a new season full of potential. This is the business owner's "manic" time, the time when the big bills have been paid and you can take a breath.

Probably going to be a quick write-up today as my dental assistant is sick and I am going to be actually working today (hahaha). It was a nice quiet weekend, an unusual one for us as there were not sporting events that we had to attend. We get about 5 weekends like that a year so we were not exactly sure what to do.

On the mixed blessing front - I had tickets to the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana concert for my daughters this weekend but the concert got rescheduled at the last minute because Miley got sick. We are out of town on the rescheduled date so ...darn...shoot...really I don't get to go...actually a little sad. Oh well, we can't all have "the best of both worlds". Try explaining that to a 4-year-old who has no concept of time - so she had been anticipating this thing for weeks asking if it was just a day away. Then when it gets to be a day away you tell her that it is cancelled.

For some reason the kid's school is closed today so my 8-year-old son asked if he could come into work with me today. How do you say no to that. He is dressed up nice and just 'hangin with dad' today. That always helps keep the voices quiet.

I read a great book this weekend - thanks dad. It is called "The Wheel of Darkness" by Preston & Childs. Excellent action fiction book. I haven't had a book keep me this interested in a while. While we are at it, can I get some comments on the Kindle vs. Paper Book debate. I am a paper book guy. I love my books and cannot imagine reading them on a fancy computer screen. My dad (who was my source of books) is now a Kindle junkie and he loves it. Anybody out there have a thought one way or another - I need to know what to ask for for Christmas.

And speaking of Christmas, my 4-year-old's new phrase is "I want that". Allow me to use it in a sentence to make it more understandable for you. Here is the scene: TV is on, tuned to Disney channel. "Zack and Cody" go to commercial and anything comes on (use your imagination, dolls, crafts, etc.). Cue 4-year-old - "I want that". It happened at least 20 times over the weekend. It got so automatic that it was like she was under a spell.

And while we are talking about commercials, I got the "hey dad what is natural male enhancement" question from my 11-year-old daughter while watching a soccer game on TV. Somehow, I don't think the smartmouthed comments running in my brain would pass the AGD censors, so I will let you fill in the blanks there but thanks Cialis for making my family TV time so enjoyable. Someday maybe that product will go the way of the Today Sponge.

We found a great music station to listen to in the office the past couple of weeks. I get my music via the cable TV that we have in the office so it is commercial free. Usually we do smooth jazz or 80's, depending on the mood. But 2 weeks ago they started a Michael Jackson tribute station that plays old MJ songs as well as songs from artists that inspired him or that he inspired. We are talking Madonna, Paul McCartney, Bobby Brown (pre-Whitney), NKOTB, etc. He may have been a total wack-job but man there was some good music in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Well, I'm off to work on teeth so the voices better go to sleep. Have a great week!
"The Wheel of Darkness" by Preston & Childs book cover copyrights to Grand Central Publishing

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goostardmd said...

Books should be made of paper. I would love a Kindle but I do all my reading while soaking in the tub and the thought of dropping a $300 reader in the suds is just too much. Even though I do bring my laptop in to stream music whilst I's reading. And Michael Jackson at the office? Sheeeeesh.


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