Monday, October 12, 2009

Bizarro World

Have you picked up on the fact that my life is a little duller than Dr. Gammichia's?

Here is what I did this weekend: Friday I went to an area business for a health fair and gave out sage dental advice and toothbrushes. That afternoon I worked my crossword puzzles, played with the kids, and then went to a concert with my 4-year-old daughter (Addison Road and Sanctus Real).

Saturday my wife and I painted our kitchen and one of the walls in our living room. I say my wife and I but really mean my wife. I sanded and primed, she painted. We have lived in this house for 6 years and have finally figured out what colors to do and now have the time to do it. It is amazing what a little color will do to a house.

Quick flashback story:

When my oldest daughter was about 3, we were over at a friend's house who is an Anesthesiologist. They have a beautiful home that is professionally decorated. My daughter looks around the house and asks me, "daddy, why are their walls not white?" Obviously I could only respond that it was because they couldn't afford white walls so they had to settle for custom paint schemes and textured wallpaper. Ahhhh, what children notice.

Back to the real world: painting took all day and then we built a fire in the fireplace (to celebrate the first 32 degree weather of the season) and ate some pie that I got at Perkins (Peanut Butter Silk and Caramel Apple). Sunday was church in the morning, Chiefs breaking my heart again in the afternoon (which in a bizarro twist had them playing as the Dallas Texans - in Kansas City, grrrr - even my wife and daughter thought that was a very bad idea), and Rummikub with the kids that evening. Yep, I lead a magical life.

Now let's go to bizzaro world and see how that weekend would have been if it happened to John:
Friday - was invited to be the featured speaker at a large multi-national corporation's health presentation titled, 'Implants in the 23rd century - why no one should ever get a bridge'. That afternoon I ran 20 miles with only one shoe on. On Saturday, I single-handedly delivered our new baby while driving to the paint store to get paint for the kitchen. I then painted the kitchen while I consulted with Tim Tebow on what mouthguard he should use to prevent concussions. After painting the kitchen in Gator orange and blue (good catch by the AGD staff, as evidence of how much I like all schools Florida-related I had the colors as orange and green) I watched them roll over LSU and celebrated by running another 20 miles. Church on Sunday and kids in the afternoon. . .
The funny thing is, John and I have a lot in common - he is just so much more eloquent in his presentation of it.

It has been a good week for me, pretty even-keeled. I think it helps when you have great patients that are really appreciative of the quality of work that you do. Isn't it amazing how we let that get to us. I am an excellent technical dentist, I know that, but ask me after a 1 surface posterior composite on a squirmy adult patient with an uncontrollable tongue that is so large that you question how they are able to close their mouth and who doesn't care that the filling is perfect, they are just mad that they owe $20 and I will tell you that I should be practicing on the streets in a 3rd world country. Maybe the years will temper the highs and lows, right now I just enjoy the highs when they are there.

Before I leave, I must pass along this video. It has nothing to do with dentistry directly but since we are often in the "beauty" business I think it is important to have such a vivid reminder of what our perception of beauty really requires. It is also a video that I highly recommend showing to any young ladies (I talked about it with my 11 year old this weekend).

Well, the voices are telling me that I have to 'go to work to earn an honest dollar to buy a loaf of bread' (thanks Great-grandaddy Scott) so I better listen. Have a great week.


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