Friday, October 23, 2009

American Girl Doll

Top of the morning to you,
If you haven't figured it out we are still having problems with the blog o paragraph.
My laptop was in the shop for a couple of weeks, so that could have been some of the problem.
It appears to be an HTML problem (I say this to sound smart but don't ask me what it means). editor has some spacing issues with the old form of internet explorer.
So if I have the new updated internet explorer but I send it to the editor (remember I am having this done so I don't offend anyone, which I have to admit I have done in the past) and he/she has the old version it somehow gets rid of all the spaces.
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Sorry and I am just as frustrated as you are...probably way more.
I am off of work today because I am a chaperon on my daughter's field trip. So I am writing this Thursday night and through modern technology I am having it posted on Friday.
(I know what you are thinking...well then why can't you get some spaces in your blog?")
I digress. So I am going to get right to it today because it is almost my bedtime.
My daughters 9th birthday is on Monday.
And all she wants is an American Girl doll.
Some of you just laughed didn't you.
Now for all you people that don't have a daughter or don't have children yet, let me explain.
Companies that make toys try to have a niche. For example, WebKins are a stuffed animal. But they are not just stuffed animals. They are stuffed animals that when you buy them come with a web code. Then, after and only after the purchase, the new owner is suppose to go to and register the pet. The website will then mark you as the parent of this stuffed animal. The website will give you the birth date of the animal. Then you get points for all the animals that you own and you can get virtual prizes for your points. Oh, then the companies will retire certain animals so they become more desirable..."Daddy, I have to have that one because this is the last month they are making this one."
Needless to say my daughter has over 25 of these overpriced stuffed animals.
(I my defense she got 10 of them for quitting sucking her thumb)
Now American Girl definitely has a niche.
They make dolls that are supposed to look like the little girl that owns them. They make a hundred or so models of dolls and you are supposed to buy the doll that most resembles you.
These things makes Cabbage Patch dolls look like so last week.
This is not it though. There is a whole catalogue of ridiculous things you can do/buy.
I know, I know, I don't know what it is like to grow up a 9-year-old girl. I don't know what it is like to want something blah blah blah.
You can buy matching clothes for you and the doll. Matching nightgowns. Matching dresses... you name it.
If you wear glasses you can buy the same pair for your doll.
You can buy earrings and necklaces for you and the doll.
You can buy the doll a cell phone and a purse.
You can buy it a bed, a tub, a vanity (with a matching stool).
You can buy it a pony, ice skates. A baseball, soccer, or bowling outfits and accessories.
You can buy it a pet and all the accessories that you need if you have a pet.
You get the picture...over the top.
One thing I have not told you is the price.
The basic doll is $95. This is basically the doll with nothing.
So let's say you buy the doll with one outfit and earrings. The average outfit will cost you about $35 and to pierce her ears is on sale for low the price of $14.
Okay you might say that that is not that bad.
Well the real problem is the absurdity. If what I told you wasn't enough for you to think this is absurd.
Then I will go on.
American Girl has, I think, three retail stores, they may call them spas, in New York, Chicago, and L.A.
This is where you can go and you and your doll can get mani and pedis together. Get fitted for dresses together, things of this nature.
Moms and their daughters from the south will jump on a plane to do a pilgrimage to The American Girl store in Chicago.
Okay, I just don't get it.
I brought this up to my staff, thinking they would be on my side of thinking this is absurd.
I about had a revolt on my hands. Every one of them thought I should get my daughter this doll.
They would walk by my office shaking their heads mumbling, "get her the doll you cheapskate."
One of my staff members went as far as having her husband call me and leave a voicemail telling me to get the doll for my daughter.
As I was telling my assistant about this doll, and she is jumping down my throat, a patient from the other room yells at me to get my daughter the doll.
I was shocked.
To her defense only one of my staff members stood with me (and now she is my favorite).
It is not the money...well, it kind of is but $100 for a doll. Come on are you kidding me?
Sure she is worth it but ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS FOR A DOLL.
See this is where I think something has gone wrong in our capitalist society.
Now the minority are the people that think this is absurd. People without a pot to piss in are finding ways to get there lovely daughter this doll. People aren't teaching their kids about values and the beauty of saving and compounding interest.
No, they are teaching any means necessary get the stuff you want, regardless of how STUPID it is.
Has everyone gone completely mad? Have I gone completely mad?
I say this because I just finished ordering the ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR DOLL for my lovely daughter.
I am assuming my wife is looking for cheap flights to Chicago as we speak. I mean how ridiculous would our doll look without a decent mani and pedi.
I have to go. I am just shaking my head now.
I hope you are too.
Have a great weekend.
ps. Don't be ashamed to write a comment about your American Girl doll and don't forget to tell me how much you have spent after the initial $95.


Anonymous said...

I think they are overpriced waste of money. I had one when I was younger, before all of the accessories and clothes. They are fun to play with for about a year and then they get put away in the attic with the 25 headless barbies and naked ken dolls. I think there are better things to spend money on. I hope to never buy one form my daughter... I will say that I would rather spend money on an American Girl doll than a Bratz doll.

Unknown said...

Madison is a lot "older" than most girls her age. If you didn't get her the doll I think she'd be over it sooner than you think. And I would say that $100 is WAY too much for a stupid doll. And the mani pedi idea makes me roll my eyes and really hate what society does to girls these days...

BUT on the other hand, she gets good grades, is kind to her brothers, and is as obedient as all hell. If that's what she reaaally wants, I think she deserves it. Get her the doll, cheapskate. :) I love you, bro.

jamie said...

dude, i officially want to have all sons when I have kids!...just kidding (sort of)...good luck with that...

Anonymous said...

So I guess my question is traveling for football games, living and dying for a orange and blue team who doesn't even know your name or over night trips for final four and hotels rooms- these are not absurd?? BTW- Am girl even has a doll hospital that can repair your doll when its arm is broken and sends it home with a hospital gown and balloon- awesome. They provided my daughter with years of enjoyment and delight-unlike some football teams can do. Also I didn't spend a dime- grandmom was hooked from the beginning!

sharpiemarker said...

Yeah, I had the doll. Okay, I had FOUR of the dolls, I think. They have the "of today" dolls that look like you, and then they have the type that are the historic characters so you buy the doll and they come with the book to read. I read ALL the books, of all the dolls. I had an "of today" type, and Samantha, Molly, and Josephina. yeah, I remember their names maybe 12 years later, so it must have been an awesome enough purchase, that and the fact that I got a few of them at different times.

But back in the 90's the craze was just starting, and they were not only cheaper, but they didnt have the meccah of the stores open and half the accessories didn't exist.

But it wasn't a bad toy. I loved them, and they were the last of my "baby" toys to get packed away. and my kids can play with them, too. She'll love it. And just don't tell her that there is a magazine and a crazy website that goes with them!

But for the kicker: back in the 90's, an average outfit was only like 20 bucks, nothing like 35, and I probably had about 6 of them. But I was (and forever will be, at least for myself) a cheapskate. I was for some reason money conscious, don't know why.

Don't worry, your daughter won't turn out a crazy mall rat just cause you got the doll, lol :) Take it from somebody with 4, who wants to go to dental school, and loved volunteering all day at a free dental clinic. Heck, maybe you should buy a couple more of the dolls for her ;) just kidding.

Happy 9th to her!

Unknown said...

Wow! You are not alone, my friend. My daughter is not even 6 y/o and she has a Bitty Baby and an American Girl Doll and several outfits. I have even been to lunch at the store in Chicago (with my wife and daughter). It is absurd, overpriced and slightly crazy but my daughter had a great time and won't soon forget the fun day with her mom and dad and her dolls. Way to go - buy her the doll - at least you / she waited until 9 y/o.


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