Friday, August 24, 2012


Big day tomorrow. I am in the part of my marathon training where the miles are getting uncomfortable. We are scheduled to run 20 miles starting at 4 a.m. Wish me luck.

Today's topic is loupes. I think eye magnification is the best thing that happened to dentistry since the high speed handpiece. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but I can't stress to you enough how important I think loupes are. Please tell me you have loupes. Please don't tell me that you think you can see without them. Please don't give me excuses for why you can't wear them. “They are too heavy on my head. I can't see out of them. They give me a headache."

Listen, if you are not using loupes, you are missing stuff. If you are using 2.5s, you are missing what the dentist using 3.5s sees. You definitely are not seeing what the guys that are using 4.5s are seeing. We could get into the microscope, but that is a whole other blog topic.

But you have to start somewhere. You have to have loupes. I tell my audience that if you are not using loupes, I am simply doing better dentistry than you. (Listen to me. I have given 4 lectures and here I am sounding like a big shot.). While we are on this topic, I bought the headlight for my loupes and I can't stress to you enough how awesome this light is.

I have gotten so used to my loupes that I can't work without it (the light is the same way). I had a problem with my loupes and I had to cancel patients. After that incident, I called up Design for Vision and ordered another pair. Yes, I have a box I haven’t even opened sitting in one of my drawers, just in case. They are fitted to my eyes and the focal points are set, so they can't rush me a pair or anything like that. If you need your glasses repaired, it takes at least a week and if you need a new set it is going to be three weeks. Hence, the back-up. Okay, I have beaten the "you have to get loupes" horse.

Today's other topic is the hygienist. What about loupes for the hygienist? We all probably can agree that it is best that hygienists can see more. Like dentists, they are doing fine without them, but they could be better with them. I have wanted them to wear loupes for a long time, and I keep telling them they should buy some for themselves. And they are obviously thinking, "If you want me to wear them, buy them for me." Who buys them?

I have one hygienist who has a pair but doesn't wear them because one of the above excuses. Let’s say I buy loupes for them (I have three hygienists). Does that mean that I have to write up a contract?

"I, _____________, do solemnly swear that I will wear my loupes that Dr. John has purchased for me. If I do not wear them I will be responsible for paying him back."

I think one of them wants loupes, and the other two will take them or leave them. If they don't have any sweat in them (if I pay for them), there is no saying if they are going to wear them. Do I tell them that I bought and they are going to wear them?

If they buy their own, I know they are going to wear them because they don't want to waste their money. What if I buy them and 3 years from now they leave the office? (When I was young, I used to think that no one would leave my awesome office. Now I am older and realize either my office is not so awesome or that people are just going to leave. I still think my practice is awesome though.) Do they have to pay me back? After 2 years of wearing them, do I give them the loupes?

I am going to get them for them (all three will not buy them if they have to pay, it is just as simple as that). I just have so many questions. What do you guys do? Help a brother out.

Have a great weekend.



Jon said...

John! A marathon might not be my goal, but I do have one to tell you about!
My brother in law Mark Pavicic from Fargo ND just accomplished a goal of running a 6 minute mile at age 60! 5:53. at a sactioned run.
I have gotten a lot of mileage out of this, and it fires me up.
Lately I have turned my mundane treadmill runs into faster runs until I can go a 6 min mile rate for 1 minute out of my 24 minute run. It really cleans out the cobs!
Jon Hardinger

Cynthia Becker DDS MAGD said...

I purchase loupes for ALL my employees who want them. I have not made it mandatory as I will not waste money on something someone will not wear, but after one of the hygienists got them and raved over the difference, I had a line at my door and had to figure out how to budget not only for my hygienists' loupes (there are 3 more) but for all of my EFDA's (4). Those who had worked longest for me got priority and almost all have them now. Let them choose the brand/type and they will be happier. I got my associate the headlamp last month and will get mine in October. I am looking forward to it. We both have backup loupes, so dont feel bad about that!Think about spacing out the purchases so the first can convince the rest. There are newer designs that are lighter on small female faces, much more comfortable and since they must wear safety glasses anyway.....


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