Monday, August 13, 2012

Holy cow, has the summer gone by quickly. The kids are back in school next week and we are back on a schedule. I know my wife will be happy. Having to keep three bored boys entertained is tough. They are now trying to pester each other to death, so the summer is exhausting at times.

If you remember, I talked about assistant reviews in my last blog. Everyone got a good-great review because they are doing well; they all got a raise. I thought it went. Rather, I was fooled into thinking it went well.

A week or so ago, one of our long-time assistants resigned. She said that things were changing at the office and that she did not like the stress. I have worked at other offices; I know stress and I know how hard other offices work their assistants and how they treat staff. Once again, I do not understand what they are thinking or expecting!

This particular assistant has never worked at another office. She was hired here right out of school and has learned basically everything here. We wonder if she understands some of the issues that other offices make their staff deal with. Yes, we are demanding and want things done a certain way. We do change protocols and rules to improve things, but some people do not like change.

We used to have a bonus system at the office, but we decided to get rid of it. It seems to me that patients could perceive that their care is influenced by cost and what will help the staff make bonus. I am sure you have heard the patients ask staff how much they make off a certain product or procedure. Now, my staff can honestly answer, “Nothing beyond my regular pay.” The PBS special seemed to harp on this compensation model, so we took away the bonuses. We did substitute it with a guaranteed Health Reimbursment Account that everyone gets to benefit from.

We hired a legal guru to help us rewrite our office manual. We needed to make it more official and compliant with OSHA and Florida worker laws. We were advised to set a continuing education or non-production pay rate for all meetings and CE, whether it was out of town or wherever. We made the compensation rate more than she advised, but from what we hear now, that upset her. Dr Jackson and myself try to be fair and do what is best for the business, taking into account that the employees are part of the equation. But I truly feel that, unless you do everything they want (and trying to make all 14 women happy can be difficult), people are always going to be irritated about something and the grass is always greener on the other side for some people. What can you do other than try your best and not look back if someone disagrees? My partner and I sadly realize that the odds are, in ten years, possibly none of our current staff will be here. We hope that is not the case. Just like in a marriage, things change and people change. Things will never always be the same.

We are looking for a new team member and hoping we can find one that appreciates the way we do things here, the honesty, respect and integrity we show patients and staff. If you know of anyone in the Ocala area with experience and a good attitude, send them our way.

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