Monday, August 27, 2012

Getting Organized


I was thinking about getting organized this week, and I think I took it a little overboard. I really want my life to be simpler, and getting organized is the first step. I say anything that makes your life easier is something you should do. My first step was getting my wallet organized. I have found the perfect wallet for my needs, with four separate compartments for cards, IDs, etc.

Now, when I take my wallet out, I am not rummaging through 30 things looking for what I need. Everything has a spot, and I am less stressed because of it. Why stop there? I figured, if organizing my wallet can impact my life so much, why not expand my thinking? I went through my entire day in my head, and the logical place to start getting organized is my shower. After all, it’s the first place I start in the morning. Shampoo and body soap now have their own shelf right in front of me. This saves me at least 45 seconds! Next, I reorganized my closet. All pants and shirts are now hanging according to work, home, going out, and casual. All short sleeves are together, all long sleeves are together. This gives me another minute of my life back. I am almost 2 minutes ahead and I haven’t even gotten dressed yet! If this keeps up, I figure I will have enough time at the end of the day to watch a whole episode of Bonanza.

I preprogrammed all of my favorite radio stations in my truck. Now, with just the push of a button, I am listening to what I want. You are all probably thinking I have a sickness, but I think I am on a roll here. I was hoping I could get some more ideas on little things to make my life easier. Before anyone suggests a universal remote, I have already done that.

Here are a few things that have crossed my mind but that I have decided against:

1. Buying extra hold hair spray so I only have to comb my hair once.
2. Velcro shoes to save time on tying.
3. Going to one color socks so I don’t have to worry about pairing them in the drawer.
4. Facial hair removal so I don’t have to shave again.

I may actually reconsider the hair spray idea. I would love to hear some other ways to simplify life. Everyone have a great week!


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Anonymous said...

Yes. You do have a sickness. :)


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