Monday, September 12, 2011



Well football is in the air, my team is 2-0, but we have not been tested yet. This week, we will see just what we are made of.

I have a question! How do you feel your employees reflect on your practice? For instance, what if one was to wind up on the front page for doing something idiotic and or illegal!

How about if an employee was busted for soliciting a prostitute, or more likely, gets a DUI (driving under the influence) and ends up on the local paper mugshot page for all of the office patients to see. I know for most people it would be terribly embarrassing for the person, but what about the office as a whole?

I had to sign a contract once that essentially had a morality clause that said if I did anything in my personally life that could reflect poorly on the office I could be fired. I do not have any of my employees sign any morality clause.

Lets say someone gets a DUI and it is all over the Internet. What would you do?

Also, consider they might miss time at work and have transportation issues since they can not drive for six months or maybe longer, and they have to leave for random drug testing. What do you tell a patient that has to be rescheduled? "Sorry, your appointment must be rescheduled since your provider is taking a urine test as part of their probation and will not be able to see you," or "They are running late since they could not get a ride to work as their license has been revoked! Yeah right! What a headache?

What if this person had been a great employee? Or maybe just an average employee? Does this make a difference for a second chance?

What if they do it a second time? Another get out of jail card? Maybe enough is enough!

You want to be fair and considerate with people, but if something is going to negatively impact your business, do you draw a line in the sand?

We are in such a people business, and I think some of these issues are more sensitive to our business than others. I know if a football player, coach , or other high-profile person was to have this happen, it might cost them their job (but not a member of congress!!!!). Are our employees any different? I know everyone makes mistakes, but this can be a difficult situation.

Lots of questions I know, but to some this is a difficult scenario and to others a black and white one!

What are your thoughts? I would really like to hear your perspective.



Anonymous said...

If you have the employee sign a contract stating they agree or subject to does stipulations then you are ok to terminate them. But if you have not then as long as it does not affect their work schedule or show up intoxicated I would not worry about it. Everybody makes a mistake. It is how they deal with it that matters now.

P.S. I miss my Friday post. LOL

Dr. Andy said...

What if the DUI goes to the dentist/owner? How do you punish yourself for embarrassing the office?

Here in the People's Republic of California the Dental Board can take away your license after the first DUI. I guess that answers the question of whether you and/or staff can continue to work. Staff licenses can also be revoked.


BTW - I learned last Friday to check this blog EARLY. Articles may disappear quickly. LOL What did happen????

Anonymous said...

Yes a DUI is not good and wrong but if it is your personal life it should not affect your professional life. And it really depends on the context. Is it the 1st, 2nd, 3rd DUI? Mistake after dinner, football game leaving too soon. People are taking every thing to the xtreme these days. Pretty soon everyone else will have so much rights you will have none.

Not the first time a blog has vanished either and I am sure it won't be the last. lol

navygatordmd said...

Well to me the obvious punishment to the dentist could be the loss of patients and future patients possibly. Soemtimes professional and personal life are not mutually exclusive. Comming from the military that was a huge deal. I know somone that was killed from drinking and driving so like ohters it has impacted that can be a sensitive subject. It is not an issue just with DUI's what about other crimes or felonies violent or non violent. I know there are many facts to consider in each case.


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