Friday, September 23, 2011

Lazy Friday

As I said before my wife, and I are in the mountains (without the kids). It is so beautiful. We left and it was 92 Orlando. It was 72 when we got off the plane.

We got to the house, unpacked, and almost immediately poured some Gentleman's Jack, lit up a cigar, and sat on the rocking chair, looking out over God's unbelievable creation. You can see Virginia and Tennessee from the porch.

After some relaxing we fired up the grill and had some steaks to top the evening off.
Wow, what did I do to deserve this?

Today, after sitting around, talking on the porch in our pajamas, the boys are going to play golf and the girls will do some shopping. I think our hosts are going to drive us around to look at the homes that are for sale. My dad is going to retire in 20 months, so I am trying make him love it here, too.

Tomorrow we are going to drive up to Virginia (about an hour) and we are going on this 17 mile downhill bike ride. I think they drive you up to the top, put you on a bike and then you just coast down. They even provide lunch halfway through! My kind of bike ride.

Listen, I am not bragging. I am trying to urge you to get away. We are totally doing this long weekend on the cheap. We got a cheap flight up here and we are staying for free. We traded with a babysitter and we are eating in for all the meals. Vacations are not biblical or anything, but they are sure good for the soul. Especially when you are with friends and your soulmate, looking out at God's creation. I am urging you.

But I have to go. My wife and friends are giving me that look. So I am going to leave you with a couple of YouTube videos that I have seen recently.
This video is so crazy. It was referenced in an article in the Wall Street Journal. There is much discussion about wheter it is real or not.
Just a funny comedian bit. So many of the people I have talked to have seen it. I think you will like it.

Have a great weekend. And remember to start planning that weekend get away.

See you Wednesday,

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