Friday, July 8, 2011


Friday! Yeah baby.

When we were in Miami, Noah said the funniest thing he has ever said (and he has said some funny things). He had to go the bathroom at our aunt’s house. Someone was in the guest bathroom, so my aunt said he could use hers, and she took him to the master bathroom. He came out a couple minutes later and said the sink in that bathroom was so weird. "First of all, the sink is so low to the ground. There was no soap, so I had to go into the shower to get a bar of soap. Then, when I turned on the water, the water shot straight up out of the center of the bowl."

We all sat there for a second (just like you are doing now), then busted out laughing. Yes, he thought the bidet was a sink. I still chuckle a little thinking about him in that bathroom trying to wash his hands with the water squirting up.

Yesterday, I got myself into a little pickle. I got arrested. Yeah, I got pinched. Busted. Taken to the big house for Muscular Dystroph Association. See, my front desk person's husband has MD, so it means a lot to us here. The people came and got me at work and drove me to the jail (the local Hilton hotel). I sat there for the next two hours trying to make bail. My bail was set at $3,200 and I was supposed to raise it to "get sprung." I sent out a bunch of feelers before yesterday to let people know that I was going to be calling. I did pretty well; I think I raised $2,600. Technically, I should still be in the slammer, but the let me go for good behavior. Shout out to my friend Brian Smith (who said he would give me more if I mentioned him in the blog).

Last thing before our topic of the day. I have a company that does all the equipment repair work here at the office. I am changing the flooring in four operatories next week. I called this company and told them I would like them to move the dental chairs out into the hall and, when the floors were done, to move them back in.

Before I tell you anymore, it will cost $1,200 to do the floors. The laminate is chipping and looks awful, so we are putting down this commercial grade vinyl that looks like wood — real nice. That is the cost of everything: the product, ripping up the old stuff, leveling off the floor, putting the new stuff down and the trim.

Now, the equipment company charges $156 per man hour. They estimate it will take two men 5 hours to move the chairs out and then move them back. I know you are thinking. That is a grand total of $1,560 to move four dental chairs four feet into the hallway. What?! There is NO WAY will I pay that. I would rather do it myself than pay that. In fact, I think I might do it myself. I will keep you posted.

Topic today is my vacation. I can't help but think of how different things are this year. Vacations are supposed to be to get away. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing. Vacations are supposed to make you forget about work and the stresses of your daily life, if not for just a few days. This year, I don't know if any of the above is going to happen.

With the way things are around the office, I am kind of afraid of leaving. My father has basically handed the reins over to me, and that comes with a lot of responsibility. Decisions need to be made. Patients need to be seen. Staff need to get paid.

We are going to the beach for this year’s vacation. A friend offered us their beach condo, and we jumped at their generosity. We leave for the beach tomorrow after my run and breakfast with Grampi, and we have the place until next Sunday.

I will take two days off of work. I wanted to work Wednesday, but my assistant is taking vacation at the same time and they couldn't find a sub assistant for Wednesday (I am kind of crotchety and don't like working with assistants that I don't know or that don't know me). The family will stay at the beach, but I will come back and work Thursday and Friday.

I know you are thinking it is stupid to come back just to work two days. See, my father is working Mon, Tues, and Wed. Then no one will be here the last two days of the week. I have to be here. Simple as that.

And as you know, the teeth business isn't what is used to be. And just because you are making less money doesn't mean your house expenses are going to go down. The mortgage company doesn't care that you need a vacation. Working puts less stress on the family bills.

I am making it out to be horrible. It is not horrible; I have it very, very good. But the reality is that most of us our lives have changed and some of you don't have friends with condos at the beach and can't go on vacation. Some of you don't have a dad at the office. Some of you don't have a partner and vacation means that not only do you not work for a week, but you have to pay your whole staff while you are on vacation (and that gets really expensive).

Anyway ,my point is, I will be at the beach for 4 days, come home to work for two days, mow the grass, clean the pool, clean the house (bless my wife), then go back the beach for a couple more days. I know I should count my blessings. Is it going to be relaxing? Yes. Am I going to forget about the stresses of my daily life? Maybe a little. Am I going to be away from work? Yes. But you know what? I kind of like being at work. I feel good here. I like it here.

It is just going to be different. Different than getting everyone on a plane and flying somewhere. Different than loading up the family truckster and driving to the mountains. You know, sometimes different is good.

And best of all, I will have a killer tan and I will be looking hot-to-trot when I come back. I will talk to you next Friday… maybe.

Have a great weekend.


P.S. After much deliberation, I have decided to do the lecture thing. I have put all my stuff together. I am almost all ready. So, if you know anyone that puts together any meetings, put in a good plug for me.


1-800-DENTIST said...

LOL. Noah's going to hear that story repeated for the rest of his life.

Erin said...

Do you have water attached to the chairs? I do and when we moved the chairs for the same reason, water leaked into the suite below. Not sure if the flooring guys bent something or if the chairs weren't reattached properly. Lots of headaches and stress! Might be worth it to have them do it - your insurance may not cover it if you DIY.


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