Friday, July 29, 2011

Burglary 101

Okay, here is what has been going on. The claims adjuster was here taking pictures. He was here about 10 minutes, tops. I have talked to the detective. That sounds so “Law and Order” doesn't it? It isn't. I mean, what does he have to work with? The forensic woman who was trying to get prints said she got nothing because the burglars used gloves. They tried to get surveillance cameras from the 7-11 across the street, but, nothin. He said the only thing we can do is wait for something to pop up at a pawn shop.

One thing positive that happened is that I went back to all my receipts and found the credit charge from when I bought the laptop. I then called Dell and they were able to find the serial number from my laptop. I called the detective and he logged the number into a database.

What is supposed to happen now is that when someone tries to pawn my computer, the pawn shop owner is supposed to enter all electronics into to the same database. If numbers match, then the authorities are notified and I get my laptop back. I am not counting on this happening, but you never know. I mean, when a thug walks into a pawn shop with a $1,500 laptop, the owner has got to know that something fishy is going on. We have to trust same guy that buys the laptop off the thug to enter all the data into the police database. I don't think so.

Anyway, the day after the burglary, I made up fliers that said something like REWARD. I went on to say that I wanted my pictures of my family back and I was willing to pay. I drove all over parts of my town that I usually don't go. I walked into places that I would normally never go. I put up fliers all over the south part of our town. What else could I do?

I am still wallowing in the aftermath. I have a guy coming today to repair the broken window and a stack of papers to fill out for our claim. We’re calling all the patients that had checks in our safe. We’re calling all the insurance companies to see if they will reissue checks. All that fun stuff.

But one thing that has changed my outlook on life is that my brand new MacBook Pro came in the mail yesterday. Thank you to a replacement clause in my insurance, I can buy a computer that is comparable to the one I had. I may end up paying a little out of pocket, but this thing is SWEET!!!

EagleSoft from Patterson is a Windows-based program, so we are working around that, but for lectures and all, this thing is supposed to be the BOMB. It would be really cool if I knew how to use it, though. I am just figuring out how to download pictures. I am figuring out how to go online. I am figuring out how to start a lecture presentation. Once I figure this stuff out, I will be cranking.

I can't wait to use Keynote. This is Apple’s version of PowerPoint. Slide transition is supposed to be cool and you can get movie clips and all sorts of stuff.

Anyway, I am trying so hard to not be that depressed about losing everything I have worked toward in the last four years. I have already started taking new pictures. Oh, by the way, they didn't steal my new camera.

I have to move on. I was back to the grind this week. Working on good patients has made this a bit easier. I took the staff to see “Horrible Bosses” this week and it kind of cheered me up. It was very funny. They say the "F" word about 1,000 times but if you can handle that, it is funny. The staff loved it; we had a good time and they were very appreciative. It reminded me of what I do have and made me stop thinking about what I lost.

I am beginning to heal. Hope you have a great weekend. I hope to be in a much better mood next week.


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Anonymous said...

Hope the staff realized you are not a horrible boss. Sometimes they need perspective. JA


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