Monday, July 18, 2011

Dental Conference Bucket List

Well, it is summertime and the kids are out of school. Summer vacations are in full swing. Our office always sees a slight slowdown in June, July and August. The water is warm and the sun is out at the beach. Why would you want to go to the dentist?

I am heading out to San Diego in a few weeks to attend the AGD Annual Meeting & Exhibits; I am receiving my mastership award. I have been waiting for several years to go get my mastership award because I wanted to go to a great location. I lived in San Diego for two years and my oldest son was born there. We still have friends there, so it will be fun to go back to S.D. I am looking forward to something new and exciting, and it is also a fun destination for the family.

Speaking of dental meetings, I hear Hinman is a great meeting and would like to go, but it is during the school year and I have been to Atlanta several times, so that does not get my pulse racing. My friend told me about the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry meeting. He said there were great lectures and he really liked it. I think I would like to check it out soon. It is in Washington D.C. next year, which could be good. But again, it is during the school year, so the timing might be bad. Anyone have any other recommendations for good meetings that happen during the summer?

I started to look at other alternatives to get some CE and make it a vacation. The Scottsdale Dentistry Center looks good. I would like some of Dr. Spear's courses. I have heard the facilities are great and classes are really good. They have summer classes and it is just down the road from the Grand Canyon; that sounds like fun.

I want to go the Greater New York Dental Meeting. I think it is always the weekend after Thanksgiving in New York City, but I haven’t talked to anyone that has been to it. I have wanted to visit the Big Apple, so I don’t think I would spend very much time at the meeting. That is a busy travel weekend so the airports might be crazy. The Yankee Dental Meeting is going to be in Boston. It’s a fun city, but I’m not sure the kids would like it very much. Again, I have not heard much about the meeting itself.

I know many of these meetings have some of the same speakers and if you have been to one meeting you have possibly seen them all. The AGD meetings, the speakers have reported that they change their lectures to accommodate a more advanced audience, so it goes without saying that I’m a fan of that meeting.

Any meetings or places that would be on your dental conference bucket list? Anyone know of any good international dental meetings?

Oh, I will be flying cross-country with an 18-month-old! God help me!

Have you’re having a great summer.



drdancer said...

Hi JJ, try taking a Newton Fahl course in his facility in Brazil. Or one of the Mediterranian cruise courses. (Try Ultradent)
Enjoy! Dr Dancer

Anonymous said...

This post really got me a little chapped - not at the author but at the whole CE system in general. To maintain licensure in BC, I have to complete 90 hours of CE every 3 years. I can't stand CE - sitting around listening to some clown either drone on about how to do what I've already been doing (in many cases, better) for the past 18 years, or trying to put the hard sell on me for some magic machine. I am yet to learn something useful in over 10 years. And at about $100 a point, this sucks. And I can always tell that someone has taken a lot of CE - they use 3 different bonds and about 10 different gadgets to do a posterior composite when much much less will do if you think a little and have a lot of skill. Now, I don't mean to sound all holier than thou here. CE seems to be a good idea in theory, but relearning 2nd year dental school over and over and over seems to be in my view a waste of time and money. I guess the point here is why would anyone need to get a MAGD or even a FAGD?

Dr. Andy said...

The Scottsdale Center is an impressive location for a course. The staff is very nice. However, Frank Spears is not your usual friendly lecturer. Observe carefully if you attend. As soon as he is done lecturing for the moment someone walks up and runs interference. They talk to the class while Spears sneaks out the back and goes upstairs out of sight. Don't look for him at the wine welcoming party. Don't look for him after class to answer questions. Don't dare look for him to show him a case. He doesn't hang out with the little people, i.e., YOU.

What do they talk to you about? The next class that costs about $5000.

However, the facilities are first rate. Treat yourself to a visit.

gatordmd said...

Oh my gosh....Dr. Andy, I totally had the same experience as you.

Have you seen my thread on Dr. Spear?
You have to read it. I wrote it about 2 and a half years ago.

Check it out....there are two threads back to back but the first one is at....

navygatordmd said...

Wow , looks liked that post stirred up a fire ant hill.

I do agree that some CE courses are almost worthless and disappointing but I have learned some new things here and there and it makes me think and reevaluate how I do things. I do not change how I do things very much. I stick withthe time tested. Still using Optibond solo for the past 12 years with no changes. I feel some times people must change to something new just so they feel like they are up to date when the old stuff is just fine or better.

The CE requirments can be a big game and people can skirt by with online classes and mail in course work. AS far as MAGD and FAGD it is not a requirment to be a up to date and good dentist. I feel it is just another feather in your cap and simply show your commitment to try to go above and beyond.

The original post was edited by the AGD. So it is not exactly the way I wanted it to be posted but agreed to the changes to get most of my points out.

I have gotten burned out on the large meetings since it seem like it is mainly the same people doing the same stuff. Many of the national meetings have gotten stale for my taste and just looking for something to spice it up.

I do find it interesting to see how others are doing things even though I might disagree.

I do feel the same that sales reps can try to make you feel inadequate are behind the times if you do not use thier products and some of the lectures are just hired guns (a certain ortho company that is all over tv with adds, clear braces, you figure out who) that push thier products shamelessly.

Interesting to hear abour Dr. Spears. I have heard his lectures are good but I guess his personal side needs some work.

Dr. Andy said...


Read your blog on Spears. Very interesting. Thanks. Glad to read I'm not the only one.

Again, the center itself is impressive. You ask a question and the mic at your seat goes live. Then your mug is up on the big screens so everyone can see you ask your question. Clinical demonstration - the wall behind the speaker opens up and out comes a dental chair.

I'll have to see who else lectures there.

Dr. Andy
(one of the little people)


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