Monday, June 21, 2010

Drive-in memories

We went to the drive-in movie theater on Friday. Saw Toy Story 3 and it was AWESOME.

Anyone under the age of 50 and not living in the midwest ever go to the drive-in? I grew up going but Susan and I hadn't been since the kids were little (great place to see a movie with a toddler/infant and no babysitter). My kids didn't remember going so it was an experience for them.

The theater we went to is one of the oldest in the country. It has been continuously operated by the same family for 60 years. I can verify that as we sat down and opened a box of popcorn that I'm pretty sure was made on opening day. We exchanged it for some that was made post-Eisenhower.

Now if you have never been, you are missing one of the all-time best opportunities to people watch ever. The movie is really secondary at times. First, everyone there has kids (cuz its Toy Story 3). Accordingly, everyone there has a minivan or mini-SUV, parks backwards and opens the tailgate. All the kids are in pajamas (movie starts at 9:10pm). The really experienced theater goers have sofas in the back of their pick-up trucks.

Can't beat the price - family of 5 seeing a 1st run movie on opening weekend for $22. We could have stuck around to watch Prince of Persia, but I have standards and draw the line at watching a movie drawn from a video game, centering around ancient Arabia and starring a Caucasian actor. Really, are the no quality actors of middle-eastern descent available in Hollywood??

The drive-in still has the speakers on stands but they are really more for show. You can tune your car radio to the FM stereo broadcast - we were rattling the windows with the equivalent of Honda Pilot THX surround sound. If you are smart you will bring your own food and if you are really smart you will bring your own beverages because it is Kansas in the summer and the humidity was around 60%.

We will certainly do it again in the future - great time and very good movie.

In sports news, the US pulled out a squeaker in a great game on Friday but should have won. I think one reason soccer has not really grown as a popular sport among US adult TV viewers is because of the "flops" that are seen routinely in these games. If you don't know, a "flop" is where you dramatically imbellish a fall to try to get the referee (1 ref for 22 players) to call a foul on your opponent. I know this always grates on my American "play-tough, play-hard" attitude. The best are the ones where the defender hits them in the chest with their leg and the guy grabs his face and rolls around like his eye has been gouged (see Italy, Spain or Ivory Coast for the worst floppers this year).

Little more than 2 weeks until I get to hang out in New Orleans for the AGD 2010 Annual Meeting & Exhibits. I hope you all are planning to go - there's nothing like the deep south in July! I think next year they should have John and I do a CE session.

Have a great week!


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gatordmd said...

I laugh at 60 degree humidity.

About the soccer....
The flops are bad (I mean we are kind of use to it with the NBA)
but it is the blown calls that I think don't sit with the American viewers.



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