Monday, April 19, 2010

Tales of Monday Morning Nothing

Sometimes less is more, more-or-less.

Less stress = more happiness

Less weight = more health

Les Nesman = more humor ("oh the calamity")

Less war = more peace

Less debt = more opportunities to give

Less commitments = more time with family

Less brushing = mo' money, mo' money, mo'money

Less TV = more time outside

There is a balance in life. Taking from one side of the balance sheet adds more to the other; for better or for worse. These past few weeks I have been on the "more is less" side, and that has to change. More free time, less revenue; More bills, less money to pay them; More stress, less sleep. . . .

You get the idea.

I hate being the repetitive blogger, but after 9 months hopefully you are seeing what I first told you - with me you get the highs and lows.

By the way, today and tomorrow 30 or 40 of you AGD brothers and sisters are in Washington D.C. to lobby Congress on legislative issues. I want to send a quick shout-out to each of them to thank them for taking time to go. I have been there the past couple of years, and it is a great meeting.

That's it for me today, for some reason the voices are speaking Spanish today so I need to find a translator.

Have a great week


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Cosmetic Dentists Chandler said...

There are days when you really don't want to have more time outside. I know it goes against everything but I sometimes have this urge to stay in and just curl up in bed.

But you are right, life is all about balance and it's nice to see you write something that is not dental but mental :)


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