Friday, April 2, 2010

It's Friday, what do you expect?

You have to know there is so much going through my mind right now.

This Brican thing is consuming me. It is not even a big deal. I mean what is the worst thing that could happen. I have to pay $500 a month for this stupid thing. I didn't say I was happy about it, but if that is the worst thing that happens...then why can't I sleep.
I got on this Google Group and the thing is blowing up. I probably get 75 emails a day from this.

Here is the latest.
It appears there are two main attorneys who are pushing a class action suit against Brican/Viso.
I will get 15 emails a day from this site saying "okay, I just sent my check in to this attorney".
Needless to say, I was getting very weary of this. It appears to be very self-promoting for the attorney who everyone is backing.
The tone is very positive for one attorney, and then the other guy is kind of getting slammed.
It is just enough to make you scratch your head.
Then, all of a sudden, I will write a comment like, "I am sitting here asking myself, why an attorney needs $200,000-$300,000 to start a class action suit. Can someone help with this?"
I got slammed for being indecisive, and I got a personal email from THE attorney himself asking me why I was questioning his integrity.
You are an attorney and you are suppose to be getting a very big class action suit prepared and apparently you have time to monitor message boards.
Things that make you go Hmmm.

Then I heard yesterday that once a judge certifies this as a class action suit with one attorney, the judge doesn't do it again for the other attorney. The other attorney and his clients are SOL.
See why my head is spinning!!!

Nothing yet from the AGD, ADA, FDA.

I watched The Hurt Locker last week. I liked it. I don't think it was the movie of the year. But when I think about it, this year's movies were pretty weak. So, yeah, maybe it would be in my top 10 of the year.
If you haven't seen it...I would definitely put in on my queue.
I also watched Office Space for the first time, and I have to say I wasn't that impressed.
I saw Law Abiding Citizen....dude this was a good movie. Very graphic killing scenes, so if that is not your thing DO NOT get this movie. But if you are okay with that, it is a must.
I got to tell, I really like Jammie Foxx. He is becoming my favorite actor (even though he has bad veneers).

Okay real quick, I wanted to talk about a product I have just heard about.
Tell me you haven't heard of this.
I have told you in the past that I think I am a pretty with-it type of dentist.
I was reading an article and saw a blurb in which someone talked about a Dental Anesthesia Reversal agent.
Now, I am thinking to myself. NO WAY.
Don't tell me there is something as big as a reversing agent and I haven't heard one iota about it.
So I went to REALITY and ask Dr. Miller if there was such a thing.
Then I went to the Internet while I was waiting for his answer.
Turns out there IS a reversing agent, and it is called OraVerse.

Here is what I got from an "expert" from REALITY.

I have used OraVerse dozens of times, all with favorable results. No pain, swelling, post-operative discomfort, etc. As an anecdotal test, I did class V's on 10 separate patients on maxillary right and left premolars. Used 1/2 carpule of 2% lido with epi both sides. Gave patient equal amount of OraVerse on one side only approx 10 minutes before dismissal. Asked patient to call as soon as either side felt normal. Average time for OraVerse was 30 minutes. Average time for control was 1.5 hours. Use it with all smile designs when buccal anesthetic is needed. Usually I will seat the case and then 30 minutes before I think I'm finished, I give the OraVerse. Patient is usually not numb when they leave. I don't charge for it with my larger cases but charge $11 a carpule in single tooth dentistry. When I offer it, about 25% want it. I would see a huge advantage with kids so they don't chew on their lips/tongue afterward. I just don't have any kids in my practice. I was a little nervous about using it thinking patients needed that extra time to be anesthetized for discomfort. While I have not used it on any large cases, I have used it several times on quadrant cases and the patients have loved it. No pain or discomfort of any degree afterward. I have offered it at no charge on my patients but the rep was in yesterday and said most everyone is charging.

What the heck? Someone at OraVerse needs to fire the head guy in the Marketing dept.
I mean I can't tell you how many people leave my office saying they hate being numb.
You don't know how many people will change an appointment because they have to work after. Now with OraVerse, they can be un-numb by the time they get back to work.
I mean how long have we been waiting for this? I have always said to those patients, "If they made something like that I would use it on you but unfortunately they don't so you are SOL."
(and yes I probably said it just that way).

I want it. I am going to use it. And I am ticked that I wasn't the first one to know about it.

Last thing,
I started putting tooth pictures on my Facebook account.
I have been getting good responses.
I will a before, during, and after shots of some really sweet fillings.
My dentists "friends" appreciate good work and the other people are intrigued. That is what we are looking for, people being intrigued with us.
I officially have 20 fans on my A Soft Touch in Family Dental Care business Facebook site.
Be a fan so I don't feel so inadequate.

Have a great Easter,
Oh my gosh, it is Easter and I wrote about OraVerse. I tell you what, I go through the day and the week just trying to get through. I even forget about Easter. I guess I should have told you how huge this holiday is for us Christians.
Holidays like Easter really make me weep. I go to church, and I thank God for what he did for me and thank him for blessing me with all the things I have. My wife, kids, my parents, my brothers and sisters, friends, my church, my ability to help people, my great job, you guys, and last but not least He opened up Heaven.

I won't go on, I am getting emotional.


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Anonymous said...

Time will tell with oraverse. Just like it did with septocaine and bisphosphonates. I will wait and see the side effects which are listed as many.


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