Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kids These Days: Part II

Hey guys,
Is it Friday already?

I just saw a disturbing YouTube video on "Unschooling." Have you seen this stuff?
I almost wrote a real mean blog on the subject, but I am going to calm down first and then maybe write something about it next week.
I am going to give you the link at the end of the blog. I don't want you side tracked.
Focus on me.

Okay, we spoke on Wednesday about all of things that are lurking on the Internet that are a real danger to our kids (and for adults for that matter).

So let's have a quick talk about how to fight the good fight.
I am going to take a four-step approach.
1) work on the kids
2) work on your computer
3) get accountability software
4) stay informed

First, as I alluded to you Wednesday, talk to your kids.
Tell them the dangers of the Internet. Work on their hearts. I guess the talk would go something like this:
"I recognize that pressing that button to see naked boobs is so easy, and when you see it, it makes you tingle all over (is it hot in here), but these kind of things are not good for you in so many ways. That tingling feeling is good, but it is something you should have for your wife some day (honey, I still get tingly when I see you). This woman is made in the image of God and should not be being naked for a picture. She is someone daughter. Son, I can go on forever about how not all woman look like this, and we are getting a false impression of sex and what woman are suppose to look like. This objectifies woman. You know how I have talked to you in the past about the Magic Dancers and women on beer commercials..." (someone turn down the air in here, what is it like 90* in here)
Okay, maybe this talk in not going to be easy, as you can see I am fumbling over my words and I am writing them.....try saying them.
How about "talk to your mother"?

Now let's talk about getting stuff on your computer that can help.
There are some FREE downloads that you can get on your computer that are so easy. is the old standby. Download this file, and it won't let your kids go on bad sites.
Net Nanny has some patented software that knows the difference between "breast" and "chicken breast". So it is not oppressive.
The site has video of how to set this stuff up. It is simple even for non-computer people.
Another one is K9.

This one is just as easy. Staying accountable is another good way of protection.
This is another downloadable program that you put on your computer. It will let another computer know what the first computer is doing.
Say you insist on having a computer in your kid's room, which I don't recommend, whatever site your kid goes on gets emailed to your email account.
You will always be knowing what is going on in there.
What is good about this stuff is that they can be downloaded to your kid's iphones too.
The fact that your kids are protected on their computers at home with all your filters but can just go on their phones to get their freak on is a serious issue.
Now they can't.

We can stay current by going to websites that are all about tech stuff. and are both websites that only talk about tech stuff....bbbbbbbboooooooorrrrrrrrinnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg. But you have to do it.

That's it. Just one less thing you have to think about it.
Because of The Daily Grind.
Hope it helps.

Okay, now that you have read this blog your reward is that link to this "Unschooling" video.
Warning: very stupid people that might make you very mad in this video.

Watch at your own risk.

Have a great weekend.

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Elizabeth said...

FYI....these are the most extreme unschoolers. This is not the core of the movement. I am not saying I agree but you might want to explore more then what the mainstream media is putting out there.


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