Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Hi all,
I don't want to talk about the election.
But it is nice to not hear a regular radio advertisement again instead of the incessant political ads.

Okay right to the topic.
I only pay for one dental magazine. I get and really like the Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry.
This month Harold Heymann (the editor) wrote this awesome Editorial/Perspective that I will get to soon. But this blog is going to be about the Ask The Experts section.
It is edited by Ed Swift Jr. DMD. MS
People have a chance to send in a question and Dr. Swift gets an expert to write an article on it.
In the past it has been on bonding agents or things like impression material. Things that mean something to me.
But this month the topic was Evidence-Based Efficacy of Ozone For Root Canal Irrigation and the question was, "As a follow-up to the recently published information on ozone as a means of caries treatment, can you provide some information on the use of ozone in root canal therapy?"

Now I have vaguely heard of Ozone but not much. Have I missed something? Is there stuff going on out there that I don't know of? Is dentistry passing me by? Is there something out there that is good for my patients that I don't have a clue about.
I mean I am on an island here.
I looked at the article again...this time a little closer. Turns out the "expert" has all these letters behind his name that I don't know what they are. And he is a professor at a University that I don't know in Northern Ireland. And the kicker is the Disclosure section at the end of the article.
Professor Ed Lynch is a consultant and principal investigator for research grants from CurOzone USA (which is not even in the USA, it is in Aurora, Ontario, Canada).
So I was a little annoyed. And you know me, I don't let something like this go.
So I emailed Dr. Swift.

But the beauty of the internet is everyone is accessible to everyone.
No one is out of reach any more. And I challenge all of you to challenge people (except me). If you think something is someone. They don't know you. I have done this a couple of times.
I want you to see the email and his response.
Hi Dr. Swift.,
My name is John Gammichia and I am a dentist in Orlando. I am a big fan of the Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry. In particular I am a big fan of the Ask the Experts section. I think you do a great job with this.
This Ozone one did peak my interest.
I will tell you as someone that thinks he is a fairly "with it" kind of guy, I was surprised by the topic.
I first heard of Ozone about 7 years ago from Ray Bertolotti. As you know he is always a little on the edge when it comes to things. I looked it up a couple of times and didn't think it was going anywhere for awhile. So I filed it.
So when I was reading the article I started to feel like a topic has passed me by. Maybe something in dentistry was happening and I didn't know about it. I read the article and was kind of annoyed with myself that I wasn't doing the best thing for my patients. I mean just last week I went to a study club meeting with local dentist and the topic was endodontics. There was no mention of Ozone and there were 3 endodontist there.
Then I got to the end of the article and read the Disclosure.
This Expert is a consultant and principle investigator for research grants from CurOzone USA. I understand that money makes the world go round. I understand that most "Experts" have there hand in some marketing or are consultants for companies. But I can tell you I am always weary of them.
Bertolotti, Kanka, Brucia,..Don't get me wrong I love these guys and I think they are all great but try to get them to tell you what the best resin cement is? You will get 12 different answers.
So when I want a real answer, when I want an answer that is unbiased I have to go to the guy that isn't in kahootz with a company. REALITY, CRA, even my local dental school biomaterials guy.
But back to the Ozone article...So this expert...Edward Lynch, MA, BDentSc, TCD, Phd Lond, FDSRCS Ed, FDSRCS Lond. I laugh as I try to type all the letters at the end of his name that I don't know what they mean. Then I read he is a Professor of Restorative Dentistry and Gerodontonlogy (I don't even know what that is, I am assuming it is the study of Geriatrics) at Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.
I just don't know.
I use to be the guy that wants to be on the cutting edge but now I just want to read stuff that will help me and my patients. Which you know that is not always cutting edge. I want to say I care what they are doing in Europe but...I don't really. I am sorry that something that is "huge" in Europe should not be written in magazine for American dentists like it is the best thing for our patients.
One of the things that has been constant in my practice for 13 years is my NaOH irrigant. My local endodontists aren't using it. My local dental school is not using it.I am not saying that I don't believe this guy.
But if you have to find an expert that has degrees that I don't know of and he is from a University that I don't know of...maybe this article might be a little premature. I hope you did not take offense to this email. As someone that really enjoys your work I felt like I could give you some constructive criticism.
I would enjoy hearing your thoughts,
Thank you,

So what did you think? Was I a jerk? Did I get my point across? Was I offensive?
Well here is his answer.

No offense taken. Actually, the author of this article is very well known and highly respected. He is regarded as "the" expert in ozone (I am aware, as you are, of his potential vested interest). Ozone is a much bigger deal in Europe than the US, and I admit that I don't know what to make of it either!

Did he just blow me off?
I don't know. I think I was heard. I think he said what he had to say.
I would appreciate anything you guys think.
Let me know,


Debby Sutton said...

JG - as you said, a lot of the situation is to make money. I don't think you were offensive, nor that you were blown off. Perhaps, he just needs someone to fill in some space in his expert column and happened upon this Ozone guy. And maybe he really doesn't know (nor care) what to make of the Ozone stuff --- he might have just needed something by deadline!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your follow up on this. I still don't know what ozone does (1), and not sure what you mean about NaOH usage for 13 years (2). I've been using it full strength for years and recently have begun using doxycycline irrigant after the NaOH before drying sealing and obturating. Am I missing something here?


Tim Taylor, DDS

PS: Have you recovered from the marathon? I did a triathlon (Olympic) back in June before the AGD in Orlando and have found it difficult to get back into the fitness groove and picked up about 15 pouinds.

gatordmd said...

Hey Tim,
The article recommended using ozonated water for their irrigant or using ozone gas at the end of the cleaning and shaping process. At the end of his cleaning and shaping he bubbles ozone gas into this ozonated water and uses ozonated oil as a medicament.
I am a NaOH guy and it has been my standard irrigant since dental school. I have added EDTA at the end of my cleaning and shaping but don't take away my NaOH.

If I didn't clear this up enough let me know.

gatordmd said...

I almost forgot. I took 10 days off.
I ran Tuesday night about 4 miles. I am still hurting. My achilles is still hurting.
I don't know whether I should run through it or stay off of it. I may call my pediatrist.
I am going to try it out again tonight.

Lemag said...

by dead line ... yes sometimes things may appear absurd few months later ...
I have blogged some O-Zen stories ... may be dentists are not good readers.



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