Monday, November 3, 2008

Just another Monday

Hey all,
Man did I have a great weekend.
The Gators are such on a roll. I have heard from several college football analysts that they think Florida is the best team in the country right now.
And if you saw them whoop up on the Jawga Dawgs Saturday you might have to agree.
Now if they can get through the next couple of potential "let down" games all will be well with me.
But the BCS stuff is so exciting. The Big 12 has got some really amazing teams. Did you guys see the Texas vs. Texas Tech game...WOW!!! (I saw the highlights...I missed the game, see below).
Also if you looking ahead you are seeing a lot of the same when it comes to the Big 10 (or, as we call it in the south, the Big 1). They are going to be in the Championship game because they don't play anyone. So everyone gets to fight each other to see who is going to play Penn St.
Then Penn St. will get creamed in the game and everyone will say they shouldn't of been there.
Ah...isn't this fun.

More good news.
I got my basketball tickets and I MOVED DOWN. I have told you I was in the third level 2nd row. But I was dead center, so I didn't want to move down 5 rows and be behind the basket.
So I kept putting stipulations on my needless to say I never moved.
This year my ship came in.
I moved down to the 11th row in the second level, in the almost center of the court. And I am on an aisle. Man... were the basketball seating selection gods smiling down on me. AWESOME.
I am so excited. Even my wife was excited and she couldn't give two poops about it.

Next thing...
My daughter's birthday was last Sunday. Yeah the day of my race so she kind of got jipped. So I promised I would take her roller skating this past weekend. I don't know what it is but my daughter went to a birthday party at this skating rink about 4 months ago and I can tell you without exaggerating that she has asked me to go roller skating every weekend since the party. I have taken a time or two but since that first party it was a given that she wanted to have a roller skating party.
She had kind of had a big girl party.
She was able to invite 4 friends to go with us. First it was roller skating, then they were all going home for birthday cake and ice cream. Then they were going to get into their pajama's and watch a movie. Then the parents would come and get them at 11pm.
(Why didn't they just sleep over? I don't know. You are going to have ask my wife on that one.)
So everyone came over and we were off to the skating rink.
So it was me, Luke, and 4 eight year old girls.
My sister showed up (who is 40 and still has her skates from the eighth grade) and my mom.
What a great time. The girls were having a blast. It is so great to be able to see your daughter happy.

So we are getting ready to wrap it up and Luke comes skating up with tears in his eyes, holding his arm. I asked what happened. He said he fell and his arm hurts. I am the typical dad and I got some ice but assumed he was just hurt and it would be fine in a couple of minutes.
All the way home he is fighting back tears.
He is in the front seat while all the girls in the back are talking and singing songs. I tell him, if this is a big deal tell me so we can go to the hospital. But if this is not a big deal you better not tell your mom because if it isn't a big deal and you tell your mom, then she will keep you out of baseball tomorrow and maybe out of football next week. He puckers up and says he can handle it.
So the first 20 minutes home he is having cake and ice cream but still holding that arm.
But that was about all he could take...He says, "That is it!! I can't take it anymore!! My arm is killing me." (I am laughing while writing this because this is going to be a story that will live in infamy in our house for a long time. I know when my kids are grown we are going to be sitting around the dinner table at Christmas eve and Luke will be like, "Remember that time I broke my arm and you told me not to tell mom..." Good times).
We went to the after hours Pediatric care place up the road.
He indeed broke his left arm, the radial bone, about one inch from his wrist.
"I would like to take this opportunity to nominate John Gammichia for dad of the year".

He was put in a soft cast, given some Tylenol II (Oh yeah) and given a script to see the orthopedic on Monday.
That is the end of the baseball season...and he had his first football practice last Friday and he was going to be the quarterback. There goes that.
He went to my hand guy and he now has a cast up to the middle of his bicep. He goes in next week to have it evaluated for a smaller cast.
Isn't life great.
Life at the Gammichia house. It is never boring.

I will talk to you on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

"I'm not good at that"
"What aren't you good at John? taking your son to the doctor?"
"Yeah, I'm not good at doing those sorts of things"


patti said...

Oh John....

My parents did the same with my sister. She fell out of a tree and 48 hours later...OH YEAH its broken...bless his heart

Big girl party for it!

Anonymous said...

What have you planned for this year's Christmas party?

gatordmd said...

Staff issues are now off limits on this blog...especially the Christmas party.
I just hope to have enough money to have a party.

Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to my little brother. When my mother took him to the hospital, she told him that it had BETTER be broken, and that he was not just making a show. (There was some history there.) My brother is now 38 and still tells the story.

Anonymous said...

It will only be justice that you will have to endure those stories after you have tortured Dad for so many holidays with your stories of his fatherhood.


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