Monday, March 9, 2009


Hi all,

Well, I did it. I never thought this was going to happen to me. My mom is in her sixties and we make fun of her memory all the time. We laugh at the fact that she can see a movie in the theater and by the time it comes out on video she can see it again because she has no recollection of it.
Well this weekend I got a movie from Netflix called Next. It came in the mail and my wife said, "You have seen this movie already."
And I said, "No, I haven't."
"Yes, you have."
Well we started watching it and it took awhile (about 40 minutes into the movie) but I realized I have seen this movie.
Man, I hate it when my wife is right, even though I should no better.
And this is happening so close to my 40th birthday.

Speaking of my birthday, my wife threw me a surprise birthday party on Friday night.
I don't know if this is related to the above story but usually I am much more intuitive when it comes to this. I have to admit that I was looking for clues in the month before my birthday but there was none.
What I think threw me off the scent was that my wife and I were planning a joint 40th birthday party. See her 40th is in May. So we planned to have a get together sometime in April.
Well for this (pretend) party I made a list of all the people I would invite and I even picked out the stock of paper for the invitations. We had discussed what food I would like at OUR party.
Well she took my list and invited the people on my list with the invitations on the paper I chose and planned a party with the kind of food I liked.
I even picked the DJ.
My Friday's are usually very busy. After work, that ends at 3pm, will usually try to catch up on paper work. I usually am a couple days behind on writing up charts and I am scrabbling around trying to get the blog finished. Then I go straight to 4:30 basketball practice. Then after practice it is straight to a 5:30 (Noah's) soccer game. Then home. But this Friday was a little different.
It was very slow at work. I caught up on my paper work and finished the blog all during work hours.
So I called Hilda on my way home and told her I was coming home before basketball practice. Well unbeknownst to me this would have been disastrous. The house was all decorated and there were tables and chairs outside. Our living room was all moved around and the caterer was setting up.
So my wife asked me to stop at Home Depot to get a light bulb for her.
I am getting a little annoyed because she keeps calling me. I stop at Home Depot and I am in and out. So she calls me again and says, "Are you going to Home Depot for me?"
I said, "Yes and I am driving out of the parking lot as we speak and I will be home in 10 minutes."
So she is thinking, "Oh sh@!$#%*&t . "
So she says, "Do you know how to jump start a car? Because Marie just called me and her car won't start."
"Yes, you guys can do it. Red to red and black to black."
"Well, do you think you can come and help us?"
"WHAT?!!! Fricking fine I will meet you at Marie's house. But I want you to know that this means I probably wont be able to come home before practice."
All is well.
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you something. We had dinner plans with our friends (one of the couples that were coming to this party). I asked my wife if we have locked down plans with them I said, "I will call them."
I called my friends and I asked them where they wanted to go.
We we talked for a couple of minutes and locked down FAKE restaurant plans.
So when I got to the soccer game my wife wasn't around. Noah was playing in the game and Madison is playing with her friends but there is no sign of Hilda anywhere.
I am thinking she is in the bathroom or something. But after about ten minutes I start to wonder. So I called her.
And she says, "Oh, I came home to get ready for our date."
So I gave her the business, "Honey, it is 2 and a half hours before we are suppose to meet them. What the hell are you doing? You left our daughter unattended and our kid playing in a soccer game. And no one around her knows that you left. Have you completely lost your mind?"
So I just shook my head and hung up the phone.
After the game I packed everyone in the car. Now imagine how hard it was for my kids, who are 9,8 and 5 years old who knew about the party, not to blab it out.
Well when I rolled up in the driveway. Everyone was standing there yelling "SURPRISE".
Your first reaction is like, "What the hell?" Because I had no idea.
There was a DJ in my driveway and a whole bunch of people in my back yard.
"Oh wait, Oh my gosh, no way. Awesome, all this for me? Totally awesome."
You all know how much I hate attention.
Anyways, It was a great party. Much food and fun and laughs had by all.
Turns out the theme was Cigars. So everyone was instructed to bring a cigar for the birthday boy.
My dad got me a cigar made by Fidel Castro's personal cigar maker and a humidor from the same dude.
I am not really a cigar connoisseur but I like an occasional cigar with my buddies once a month or so.
It was totally great.

But that was not all. I woke up on Saturday and I was volunteering at a clinic called "Special Day for Special Kids". If you are a regular reader you will remember this is a educational clinic for families with kids with Down's Syndrome.
My son and I had our last basketball game before the playoffs at noon. So I high tail it to the game which we won.
We finished the season 4-3. (Good news and bad news. We finished in a three way tie for third place. The top four teams go to the playoffs. Bad news is that we lost to the other two third place teams. So we are out of the playoffs.
Man was I disappointed.)
Then Luke and I jumped into the car to catch a 2pm Gator basketball game in Gainesville.
Then finally back home at 7pm.
You know when they say Sunday is suppose to be a day of rest. Well it was for this hombre.
Came home from church and plopped down on the couch. Watched the Magic beat the Celtics and then watched Duke lose. I doesn't get any better than this weekend.

Talk to you guys on Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

The party was great! I was telling Amy on the way home that I hope I have that many friends when I'm 40. That gives me 10.2 years!

Amy and I loved the catering so much that we went to that place for dinner on Saturday night. We told them we wanted whatever that chicken dish was that they served the night before for a catering. It was awesome!!

Great party for a great guy. So glad we got to be a part of it!!


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