Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hoochie Mamma

Hi all,

The book I am reading is called Marine Sniper. Funny a book about a marine that is a sniper called Marine Sniper, what a concept.
It is very good. I can't wait to get home to finish it off.

Anyway on Monday I gave you a homework assignment.
Did you watch the videos?

Lets start with David goes to the dentist.
I was reading a blog and there were some mothers that were upset about this video.
Saying the dad was irresponsible. Saying that no one is protecting this kids dignity. They were saying they were outraged.
I got to tell you. I didn't have too many problems with this video. I didn't think it was that funny but I got a chuckle out of it.
Do I think the father acted inappropriately? No.
Do I think the father could of acted a little bit more responsible? Yes
Do I think if my son was acting this way and I got a video of it would I put it on YouTube? Probably (if I could figure out how to do it).
I think laughing at ourselves is important.
I think if we take ourselves too seriously then we are not laughing at things that are indeed funny.
I mean is running through the house naked because there is fire in the kitchen funny? Heck Yeah.
You have to understand the fact that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the show America's Funniest Home Videos. I about pee my pants every episode. My wife doesn't hate it but she doesn't think it is that funny. I think a woman sitting on a horse at a birthday party and then the horse bucks her off is funny.
I think a grandpa trying out a motorcycle for the first time and runs the thing right through the barn and then the barn falls on the car is FUNNY.
Real life....sometimes it if funny.
Do people have an unhealthy obsession with seeing people hurt themselves? I think yes. But I don't think this David video crosses the line.
As a parent I can see so many other things that David's dad could have done.
I mean the kids dad did take him to the dentist and have his issues taken care of.
I mean how many 2 year olds do you see not buckled up in the car.
How many kids are in mouth pain because there parents want nicer cars more than they want to fix the kids teeth.
This is a problem...not David going to the Dentist.

Now I do have a bit of a problem with this video.

Okay I am not a prude but I think I may becoming one.
I think this girl is cute as a button. I think girls dancing is daughter was in dancing.
But my problem is what dancing and dancing class has become.

What brought this on is because I of a couple of things.
I went to a health fair for a middle school. I volunteered a booth. I set up my stuff for my office in a gym and people walked around.
The entertainment during the day was the local dance studio putting on numbers.
I was a little shocked by how provocative the dancing was.
Then a couple of weeks ago I went to a Magic game and the half time show was the Magic Dancers with some young (eight years old to maybe 14) wanna be dancers dancing together.
I was not only shocked but I was offended.

First of all I can appreciate dancing and woman dancing in unison and such.
I have a problem with them being half dressed and having to look at all their voluptuousness bouncing around. I have a problem with woman being gawked at like they are strippers.
Now then you throw in the 8-14 year olds that are half dressed, all made up in the face and then dancing provocatively.
I wanted to slap their parents.

There is a difference between dancing and being gawked at.
Men are visual. I mean very visual. Do you really think men are watching 20 something woman dancing saying, "I really like that move". No!!
The woman, and the people putting the woman on the court, want men to sit around and elbow each other and say, "Ooh, that one is hot."
"Yeah, man my favorite is that one there."
Then we are suppose to look at this 14 year and say, "I like her moves"?

I can tell you when I saw this going on at half time, I wasn't hungry but I took my son and left the viewing area to go get something to eat.

I want to talk more about this because obviously I have opinions
but I have to go. I have to take my son to a baseball game and he has to be there early for pictures.
Talk to you Friday.


patti said...

...who knew you had opinions? You never have before!!! LOL! Best line, "I was not only shocked, but offended!!" Amen brother! Wait till your girlie gets to pre-teen, talk about only find skanky clothing in the stores. I get why people sew now.

Vicki said...

Well said, John. I'm enjoying your blog.


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