Monday, April 7, 2008

What a week

Okay, now that the lovefest with Mark is over, you got me.
I have to write this kind of rushed because of my crazy schedule.
I am working today (now you know I don't work on Mondays) because I am off tomorrow.

I am leaving in 10 minutes to drive to AUGUSTA NATIONAL to go see the MASTERS practice round. Yeah, you read right I get to see Tuesday's practice round.
(Don't think I am that special, if you had $700 you could go too).
I am so excited I couldn't even sleep yesterday.
I get to go with my father. I bought him these two tickets for Christmas. It seems silly but when you get to see your father cry over a gift you know it is special. Then he asked me to go. Even better.

I am all packed and ready to go.
I know you are all GREEN with envy.

But let me tell you real quick about last week.
(I will get to the consent forms soon, I am doing some research)
It was spring break in central Florida.
This is affectionately called HELLWEEK for our office.
From the very beginning I see kids. My dad would rather not see kids or anyone under 16, so this is how I built my practice. I went to schools, I sponsored baseball teams, I coached flag football and basketball. I started seeing alot of kids. I treated then well (if I don't say so myself). My practice started to grow. I then started seeing the kids parents and their neighbors. Then the kids grandparents. You know how it goes.
I still love to see kids. I think this is the engine that drives my practice.
But I forget how hellish Hellweek is.
Now you know that on spring break EVERYONE wants to get their kid in to get their teeth cleaned.
On Tuesday, I did 21 hygiene checks. On Wednesday I did 17 and on Thursday (a light day) I did 15. I couldn't wait until Friday afternoon.
I don't know how the pediatric dentists do it.
I have a full day on my side and then every 25 minutes or so I have to leave. Then they squeeze in an emergency and OH MY GOSH.
In the meantime we are in the process of hiring an associate (I will tell you about this after it is over, I don't know if any of the candidates read this). I am down to two.
So I have to talk to them because they are both waiting to hear from me.
I am giving a lecture on the 26th of this month for the South Carolina Dental Association and it is on my mind.
WOW!! My heart is racing just writing about all this.
My dad is in the car honking the horn. I have to go.

I will talk to you guys on Wednesday. I am sure I will be on cloud nine.


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Anonymous said...


I am not a beating man, but if I were, put any Masters money on this up and coming golf star...Tiger Woods. He might be own the golf profession before all is said and done. I have this funny feelign he is gonna be a good one.

Besides that, have fun at the Masters. It is one of THE sporting event to see, no matter if it is a practice round or final Sunday.

Oh ya, where um, was my invite? I wouldn't be honking the horn to pcik you up. I would have come had a limo driver come to the office door...



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