Wednesday, December 23, 2015

’Twas the Week Before Payday

’Twas the week before payday when on my books did I see holes in the schedule, some days 10 until 3.

To my receptionist, I asked, “What’s happening here? We need more work to make a good year.”

She said, “I know, but you’ll be happy to hear new patients have called, referred by J.B.” “You mean J.B., who always tells me, ‘Just patch it, Doc; I’ve no money this year.’?”

“The one and the same, but he’s not to blame. Maybe his friends won’t be the same, but if they are, you’ll do your best to give them a chance to accept their best.”

Seeking AGD Mastership has helped me achieve great skills in planning and treatment, I do believe.

But not all I see can do the ideal, so we handle with care so better they’ll feel.

Through Baylor, Dawson, Kois, and Frank Spear, and many great teachers year after year, I’ve learned to take care of most patients’ needs, from preventative to rehab—I just don’t do peds!

J.B. did come, and to my surprise, “Good doctor,” he said, “I find you so wise.

“Your patching has helped keep my health stable. I have had recent good fortune, so do the best you are able.”

“I have two friends whom I’ve referred, and to them I have given your praise, through skills and your caring, their health you can raise.”

So all is not bleak as I look to next week; we will start with J.B. and plan for his friends. During these empty times that seem like a leak, we’ll do staff training on which good care depends.

So to all good doctors who find themselves so, keep on the right path doing the best you know. I’ve borrowed this rhyme from a carol you’ve heard, hoping to remind you of the good word.

Merry Christmas!

Terry G. Box, DDS, MAGD


Kay Jordan DDS FAGD said...

Love this! Thanks for making me feel like I'm not the Lone Ranger!!

Andy Alas, D.D.S. said...


Well done !


Alex said...

Nice write up Dr. Terry. Keep it up. I share same interest at Daily grind, spreading awareness about tooth decay and oral care, so whenever you have time do visit my site at and share your thoughts and inputs.


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