Wednesday, October 7, 2015

‘I Can’t Wait to Share My Practice Secrets With You!’

My head is going to explode unless I share my practice secrets with you! I can’t wait to tell you all about them!

I’ll tell you how to take a practice that sees two new patients a month to one that sees more than 2,000 new patients a month!

I’ll explain how to increase your collections from the teeny-tiny amount you now collect to more than $1 million per month!

I just can’t wait to share this with you… all the magic secrets that ONLY I KNOW! Hurry, I am bursting with excitement over sharing all this information with YOU!

All you have to do is buy my DVD or book, or attend my seminar. And, if you thought regular books and courses were expensive, wait until you see how much I charge!

OK, seriously now. Don’t you just hate this kind of dental marketing? I know I do. I hate those emails that ask things like, “Do you know the five biggest practices killers happening in YOUR office right now? Just click on this link and we’ll be happy to tell you.” You click, and then BAM, you are hit with an offer to purchase the information. 

I'll make a deal with anyone who has such “secrets” to sell. If you agree to share your information, you can have my next spot in The Daily Grind blog rotation. Wow! You can share your info here for FREE! Something tells me I’ll be back the next time around.

I have a secret of my own: There are no secrets. If you read the dental business magazines regularly and observe successful dentists in your area, then you will learn all you need to know. I have this saying (it’s more of a generalized guideline, really) that I often repeat, “Everything has been done before.”

What do I mean? Thinking about a kitchen remodel? It’s been done before. You can look at catalogs, online photos, etc., to find ideas. Just follow the examples you like, and with your touches, you’ll have a new kitchen that didn’t require reinventing the wheel.

Want to learn how to brew your own beer? It’s been done before, too. Look at online videos or get a how-to book. Again, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

It’s the same thing with your practice. Successful practices were created long before you decided to attend dental school. It’s been done before. Read some dental business magazines, emulate your successful colleagues, and you’ll be fine. No secrets.

However, in all fairness, if you still feel like shelling out thousands of dollars, send it my way. I did just share some information with you after all.

Andy Alas, DDS

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Brad Strong said...

Thanks Andy, I fell victim to many of these aggressive advertising campaigns early in dental career. In the end, finding a group of "seasoned" dentists that I could talk to and ask advice from was much more helpful. We are such a large target, it drives me crazy how many people visit my office, email, call, snail mail, etc. trying to get their fingers into my wallet.


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