Monday, October 12, 2015

A Season of Opportunity

If you follow my blogs, you know I am big on lists, goals, and growth opportunities. To say I’m “type A” is quite an understatement. I am one to set lofty New Year’s resolutions—most of which make it at least out of the winter and spring. It’s only a select few that continue through summer, and by fall, well, good luck. I’m not sure that I can even remember those resolutions.

No, seriously…what were they again??

Fall in Virginia is why people choose to live here. Sweatshirt weather in the morning, windows down during the day, and outdoor fire pits by night—it really is an awesome time. But it’s more than that; it’s a time when (at least in my practice) the hustle and bustle of the summer rush slows a bit. It’s a time to sit back, reflect on how the year has gone, and more than likely, catch up on family, practice, and life in general.

Use it! Our profession is tough. Being busy, seeing lots of patients, and cranking out production is an awesome feeling (and it pays the bills), but it’s a grind. It takes it out of you. We all need a recharge. And now’s the time to do it. And don’t make it about work; make it about yourself or your loved ones.

Take up yoga.

Dust off those golf clubs for a round with some buddies.

Lace up those running shoes.

Take your kids camping.

Take your sweetheart on a weekend getaway (or a two-week extravaganza if you can swing it!).

This season, make it a point to recharge your batteries. I think that it’s the best time for it. Make sure your staff does the same. They’re as much a part of this as we are. It’s a season of opportunity, people!

Donald Murray III, DMD

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