Monday, April 7, 2014

What Does AGD Membership Mean to You?

According to the AGD, “Membership in the AGD provides general dentists, students, and dental team members with the education, advocacy, and information they need to advance themselves in the dental profession while providing their patients with the best care possible. AGD membership represents a dedication to lifelong learning and overall oral health for the public.”

I have now been in private practice for 11 years, and can appreciate what my fellowship and membership in the AGD truly mean. I have begun to participate in more AGD-affiliated CE events, and have quickly realized that the caliber and level of education is superior to many that I have enrolled in previously. More importantly though, my membership is morphing into many new and exciting opportunities I hadn’t realized existed. What began as a goal to become an AGD Fellow has now become much more.

We have all, at times, set our mind to accomplishing a goal. I have a tendency to become consumed by the goal. Upon receiving my FAGD, I simultaneously researched mastership. With that, I discovered that the road I was preparing to embark on would be challenging and a test on my personal stamina- particularly because at the time, my state did not have an established MasterTrack program. Using the AGD website, I searched for constituents that had an existing MasterTrack program (one that wouldn’t cost too much in time out of the office and additional travel expenses). Fortunately, with a little prodding, less than 12 months after receiving my Fellowship, I will be attending Session 1 of the reactivated Wolverine III MasterTrack series here in Michigan. #CEjunkie in full force!

My AGD membership is more than the obvious dedication to lifelong learning. It is becoming an opportunity for my own personal growth and advancement as a person. I would have never imagined myself stepping up to blog here, for example, but my experiences with the AGD are overwhelmingly positive and I can’t imagine not sharing or inspiring other colleagues to join and become active in such a worthwhile organization. Additionally, there are many opportunities at the local, state and national level. That being said, I couldn’t have foreseen the whirlwind my last 12 months have been. My involvement in the AGD Fellowship program has extended to becoming a board member and a course manager for the 2014 AGD Annual Meeting & Exhibits in Detroit.

What has defined your AGD membership? Are you maximizing the potential that the AGD has instilled in you and your colleagues? Are you ready for the next level? The AGD invites you all to volunteer, and the payback is well worth it!

AGD membership to me means that the AGD provides me with superior education for myself and staff, opportunities to lead and inspire, and the environment to be comfortable learning and honing my skills and knowledge. Membership is an investment in me as well as my professional future.

It is your time to define your membership. What will it be?

Colleen DeLacy, DDS, FAGD

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