Monday, October 14, 2013

Back to School

I went back to BYU this weekend for a football game. Everywhere I looked on campus, there were beautiful new red brick and glass structures for student housing and classes. They have torn down some old buildings and replaced them, and in some cases built them totally new. They have closed down a main street and rerouted traffic to make it a pedestrian area. The result is less traffic and a more peaceful atmosphere. So many changes have been made since I graduated with my bachelor’s 10 years ago.

The people haven’t changed, except that they look really young to me. There were students walking all over campus and couples holding hands on Friday evening. The energy was bright and optimistic. The sun was shining and the fall autumn air was crisp.

My traveling companion said that looking back now, even with all of the tests and activities, he would go back to go school. He prefers that to his current set of responsibilities, with kids and work and church jobs. I was surprised to hear him say that; maybe he was just caught up in the moment. Even though I look back with fondness on my time at college, I wouldn't trade. Too much has happened, and I have learned too much, to go back. It is easy to be confused at how simple life was in the good old days.

Change can be good. I was happy to see all the new buildings and growth because that means my alma mater is getting bigger and better. On the other hand, there were places in and around those old buildings that held memories for me and my wife. We will have to keep them in our memory, I suppose.

Change is always has two sides. The benefit or increase in productivity, and the loss or perceived loss of the way things used to be. I have great memories of school. And as much as I miss the time, I love where I am, and wouldn't change.

Would you go back?

Michael Lemme, DDS

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