Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Think About It

We took our kids camping this last weekend. We have a camping trailer, so it was not the intense backpacking style of camping. We didn’t have any hookups, so my kids were “roughing it.”

We went to North Cascades National Park, right on a lake. It was spectacular. The trees were huge and numerous. We went fishing and hiking through the wilderness, crossed the river on a wooden bridge, and enjoyed the beauty of nature. One of the greatest things about it though was that there was no cell service. We didn't use our phones all weekend. (Except to take pictures, of course.)

The kids asked to play on the iPad or watch a movie the first day, but soon discovered that there was more to do out there than that. We played games together, and cooked and cleaned the campsite with the kids. The baby walked around and got really dirty. It was great! We connected as a family. I listened to the quiet of the forest, and cooked over the fire. I was reminded of what the most important things are. Or who they are.

This weekend helped me think about what things make me happy. I wondered if I am doing those things every day or just taking what comes my way. Am I being intentional in my work and in my recreation? Am I only treating patients in my practice that make me happy? Do I work with anyone that acts like a black cloud? There is no reason I have to spend all my time doing things I don't enjoy or with people I don't like.

Think about it. What makes you happy? Are you doing what makes you happy? Are you spending time with people that drag you down or uplift you?

Michael Lemme, DDS

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Santa Teresa Dental said...

It is always informative to read blog entries from other practicing dentists. Dentistry itself is a stressful profession and you are absolutely right. Dentists need to think about what makes him/herself happy and what makes practicing dentistry so joyful!


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