Monday, May 13, 2013

Friends & Family Plan

After almost 20 years (yes, it has taken me that long), I have finally decided to pay someone to work on my friends and family. I used to think I was pretty good. I received my Fellowship from the AGD awhile back, and I received my Mastership in 2009! I proudly write “MAGD” at the end of my name every time. But, my friends and family can’t even believe made it out of dental school!

If I am with my family and a patient happens to walk up, they praise me as though I am the best dentist they ever had. My family just shakes their head. I will give you a few examples.

1. I did a simple restoration on my dad 10 years ago. He still can’t chew on it, but doesn’t want me to touch it.

2. I did a simple extraction of tooth number 17 on my assistant. It took almost 8 months for her to get the feeling back in her lip. While we worked together, she would constantly slap her mouth (to remind me). She doesn't want me to touch her.

3. I did a small, shallow restoration on my niece. Since then, it has turned into a root canal and a crown. She can’t chew anything on it and she doesn’t want me to touch it.

4. I made a new upper denture for my uncle. The very next day, teeing off the first hole, the denture flew 10 yards. (his “old one never did that”).

5. I did a 3-unit bridge on the mother of one of my assistants. In six months, I have not only adjusted the bite eight times, but I have to recemented it four times. She still can’t chew on it and she doesn’t want me to touch it.

6. I did a root canal on another niece, and had to extract it three months later. She still has “ghost pain” in the area where the tooth was, and she doesn’t want me to touch her.

7. I gave my assistant a PSA injection for a restoration. After five days, she still has a bruise the size of a silver dollar on her cheek.

8. My aunt came in for a simple extraction that turned into a surgical nightmare. She is due for a post-op this week and probably will not come in because of fear.

9. I did a small composite resin on my sister. She says she is lucky if she can eat a marshmallow without pain, but she doesn't want me to touch it.

So, the decision has been made. I will gladly pay someone to work on them. I like feeling like the “Master” that I am to complete strangers. I am the only one this happens too?

Have a great week.

Scott A. Jackson, DMD, MAGD(!)


Lilya Horowitz DDS said...

Sounds about right, that was hilarious!

Anonymous said... funny,,and true

Daryl @ Sarasota cosmetic dentist said...

That is too funny! But as the old adage goes it's not a good idea to do business with family and friends.


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