Friday, March 22, 2013

Express Lube


I hope this blog finds everyone healthy and happy. This year is starting out great for me. The Miami Dolphins seem to be doing well in the office season without my help, and my daughter got accepted to college. (That means I can make her bedroom my music room!)

I had an appointment with my physician last week because I have been having some stomach problems. He wanted to order some tests, which included blood work and an ultrasound. Of course, I didn’t even bat an eye. He also told me it would be a good idea to start taking a probiotic; I agreed again without batting an eye.

I seem to get a different response with my patients when I tell them they need something or suggest a treatment plan. I put a nice picture up on the monitor and show them an open crown margin or a fracture on a tooth that may cause an issue later on. I even talk to them about fluoride and how it would help them in their current situation. They usually ask how much that is going to cost and then tell me they’ll wait until next time for that.

I realized that the guy that changes the oil in my car goes through the same thing with me! He comes out and shows me a dirty air filter and explains to me how important it is to have a new one. He tells me that it’s time to clean my fuel injectors out because I have so many miles on my car. I usually tell him that I just want the oil changed today but I’ll do the other stuff next time. (We both know full well that I probably won’t.) The poor guy must be frustrated because he knows how important it is to maintain your vehicle to avoid problems down the road.

If our physicians tell us to buy vitamins, we stop at the store on the way home as if it were life or death. I can spend $80 dollars on multivitamins, but won’t spend $15 dollars on an air filter. Am I the only one that feels like this? Is it because you only have one heart and two lungs, but you have 32 teeth so you’re not as wigged out about them? I’m the doctor, so why do I feel like I am walking into the operatory with a dirty air filter? I’m not saying it happens all the time, but it’s enough that I notice.

I propose that we all go to the express lube this weekend and get new air filters.

Have a great week!


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Anonymous said...

You are right. I am getting my air filter today. Great observation.


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