Friday, November 2, 2012

Don't Tell My Parents

I had a blog all written about my trip to New York and all the things that could only happen there, but I feel like it would be insensitive to post it in light of what they are going through now. So I wrote another one. When they are all cleaned up and back to normal, I will post the other one.

One of the best things about being a general/family dentist is watching the kids grow up. Kids that used to scream and yell and run up and down the halls are now bankers, chefs, doctors. It is so awesome. One of those patients came in this week. He is 21 and we have always enjoyed having him here. He came in for fillings and he was playing with his ring. It was that he wanted someone to ask him about it. My assistant, taking the bait, asked him if he has a girlfriend and if she got him that ring. "No, but I have a boyfriend and we just celebrated our one year anniversary."

There was a very awkward pause and then we all chuckled a little and moved on. Then he asked us not to tell his parents because they don’t know yet. We all agreed that didn’t want to get in the middle of that and then we went on like nothing happened. After he left, we could not believe he had just told us that. Both of his parents are patients here and I like them both. I am really not going to get in the middle of that one. The law says I can't, but even if I could, there is just no way.

I guess when you get to know someone and you like them and they like you, they feel like they can trust you. And we like him just as much as he likes us. There is nothing he could really say about himself that would make us not like him (within reason). You treat us well, you come to your appointments, you floss occasionally, and we like you. Imagine how many people come to your office that you don't know anything about. We have the luxury of just knowing a little bit of people. Sometimes, that is enough.

Have you guys learned something about people that you wish you didn't know? Have you ever had to tell a parent something about a minor? Luckily, I haven't. How about something a wife tells you about a husband? We had a husband come to our office who wouldn't leave because his wife (who had threatened to kill him) was waiting in the parking lot. Yes, she was a patient, too. Talk about awkward the next time she got her teeth cleaned. Tell me your stories.

I am off tomorrow; I am going back to the Big Apple for the marathon. Fifty thousand people signed up to run. Crazy, huh? My wife and I are going for a long weekend and will return Monday afternoon. It should be great.

Have a great weekend and I will see you next week.



Anonymous said...

In my practice, I have a family and the mother is a dental assistant for an endodontist. She brought her 14 year old son for an examination and cleaning. He had some decay but the plaque was a mile thick. When asked how often he brushes, he said once every couple of days. His mom was brought into the operatory to discuss our findings. During the conversation, it slipped out that he brushes once every couple of days. She hit the roof. She yelled at her son so that everyone in the office could hear. Talk about awkward moments!

Anonymous said...

Two things were wrong here, first-why an awkward pause? Is having a bf or being gay awkward? I think i might be getting off point here but that is what your post implied.

Secondly, he just shouldn't have told you if he wants to keep that a secret! It's such a shame in this society that kids have to hide such joyous moments from their parents just because they don't fit the "old normal".


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