Monday, June 25, 2012

Take Your Time


I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Traffic seems a little lighter now that school has let out.

I recently attended the FNDC in Orlando and had a chance to check out Dr. Gammichia’s lecture (yes, I went to the free one). I was actually really impressed with his material and lecture style. He really got me thinking about my own work. I had decided that I am going to slow down a little bit and try to put my own mark on my restorations.

Looking back, I really feel as though I have been rushing things. Now I’m trying to take a deep breath and take my time. This new thought process of slowing down has reached into other areas of my life, as well. I find myself actually walking the shopping cart all the way to the shopping cart drop off area at the grocery store. After doing this a few times, I realized that it is faster than trying to balance the cart on a curb, or getting it just in the right spot where it doesn't roll away and smash into another vehicle. I thought I was saving time, but it takes longer to fiddle with it.

I am staying an extra few minutes in the movie theaters to watch the credits. You can really learn a lot by watching those credits! Sometimes there will be a little mini movie during the credits as well. I can’t believe I have been missing these my whole life because I want to rush out.

I am starting to take the back roads to work, so I leave a little earlier now. The scenery is much nicer and the drive is less stressful. I know what you all are saying. “Scott, you are doing all of this because of one lecture?” Yes, that’s what I’m saying. If anyone gets a chance to catch Dr. G. on the road, make sure you take the time to see him. ,

All of this “taking your time” stuff is great, but it does lead to another problem. I need to make up that time somewhere else. I started thinking; how can I make up the time I lost without being more stressed? The first thing I thought of was taking shortcuts in conversations. We use shortcuts when we are texting on our phones, right? “LOL” or “LMBO,” etc. Wouldn't it be nice to have shortcuts at work? This will allow me the valuable time to start putting nicer anatomy in my restorations.So, with that in mind, here are a few suggestions in case anyone wants to implement this at your own office:

IGS........I’m going to scream
WWIT.......What was I thinking?
DAPDA......Dog ate patient’s denture again
LCNHLTP....Lab case not here, lie to patient
IHDD.......I hate doing dentures
INAV.......I need a vacation
CTOSN......Call the oral surgeon, NOW!
IPTDS......I perforated the darn sinus
YAIOTP.....Your attorney is on the phone
INAGOW.....I need a glass of wine
SMAY.......Staff mad at you
PLTA.......Patient lost temporary again
INAVB......I need a vacation bad
YBIOTP.....Your bank is on the phone
ISHBAC.....I should have been a cook
COL........Crying out loud
DYAFAS.....Doctor, your afternoon fell apart, sorry
ADRIHTSY...Another dental rep is here to see you
PWTMB......Patient wants their money back
IRRNAV.....I really, really need a vacation
SMAYA......Staff mad at you again
BAFITD.....Broke a file in tooth, darn!

These are just a few that I tend to use more often. The moral of the story is: take a deep breath, relax, and take your time. Your patients deserve it.




Cynthia Becker DDS MAGD said...

Hilarious acronyms! Gave my staff a good laugh and I expect to see SMAY in the message box in the future as needed! Especially liked LCNHLTP.....

Anonymous said...

OMG hillarious. I was LOL..
I think I have said everyone of those at one time..

Anonymous said...

Very Funny! LOVE all of these but
WWIT ~ What was I thinking?... that one is priceless!!!

Thanks for the laugh,
Nomi Waters

Peter Tande said...

Haha, I love DYAFAS - ouch, though. Would hate to hear that.

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog. I love your view of dentistry and the world.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Blog!!!

Rocky Mountain Endodontics said...

It's a busy life nowadays and because of this busyness we tend to ignore the small things that actually matter. It is true, take your time.


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