Monday, April 9, 2012

Popcorn and Wine


I hope everyone is happy and healthy as we speed through 2012. For those of you who read my “Big Valley” blog, a quick update: we have running water! There is still a lot of construction to do, but being able to flush a toilet is something I never thought I would take for granted.

I have had stomach issues for years. I have been to every GI doctor you can think of. I have had every prodding and poking test they can come up with. I am usually given some sort of acid reducer and told to relax because most of this is being brought on by stress. Well, that could very well be. I do tend to hold things in, so it made sense that stress would be a factor in my stomach problems. As time went by, the whole “gluten” sensitivity issue was brought to my attention, and thinking back, I could really associate my stomach pains to eating a meal with bread or pasta, etc.

About a year ago, I decided to try the gluten- free diet. Believe it or not, I felt really good. The pains were not nearly as bad, so I thought I was on to something. =I was very strict (or at least I thought I was) about my gluten intake. I would have a gluten- free chocolate protein bar every morning with my coffee, or a gluten- free whey protein shake. Sometimes I would have scrambled eggs and bacon, being very careful not to have any bread. Anyone who has had these pains knows exactly what I’m talking about. It’s almost debilitating. Staying up all night or sleeping on the couch. This gets to be tiring after years and years. I couldn’t figure out why I was still miserable if I was eliminating all the gluten from my diet.

Recently I decided to take a blood test that would determine if, in fact, I was sensitive to wheat and gluten. The results were more than shocking. Of course, (which I could have told them) anything with wheat and gluten came back as a high reaction. But, here is the list of all the other things I can never eat again for THE REST OF MY LIFE:

ALL dairy
Green peppers
Yeast (No beer? Are you kidding me?)
Kidney beans

I will let your brains absorb that for a minute and see if you come up with the same thing I do. I think most of you figured it out. My diet now consists of popcorn and wine. They are the only two things NOT on the list! I have been going to the movies more, which is kind of fun (Hunger Games was good). Ok, it’s not that bad, but close. It’s been about 10 days now and I have been really good at not having any of those foods. Believe it or not, I have not had one stomach problem. I guess from now on, I will have to determine if a bad stomachache is worth eating or drinking something I shouldn’t. I will have to choose wisely.

Have a great week and think of me when you go to the movies.



Anonymous said...

oh boy..I have a few allergies myself so I know how you feel..good luck my friend

dentist philadelphia said...

Really enjoyed this post.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

Jon said...

My sympathies!
Dr Hardinger

ibdrillin said...

things could be worse,.its not bad actually. I didnt realize all of the substitutes that are out there. I honestly dont feel like I'm missing out on too much..



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