Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Year observations!

Well I have been doing this blog thing for several months now and I have noticed a few things. I have compared most of my posts to Dr Jackson and Dr John. I personally think I am pulling up the rear as far as this writing thing. I should not be surprised I always pulled out a C maybe a B in my writing classes and the University of Florida. I never thought I would have a career in journalism or anything. So hear are some of my observations! My blogs are much more straight forward and medium in length. Dr. John obviously spends a lot of time developing and thinking about his blogs and he shares way more personal info than I fell comfortable putting out to the entire cyber world to read. Dr Jackson's blogs are sometimes short but are usually very witty and funny.
So lets take blogs and compare that to dentistry. I like to think I am a good dentist. I have seen others work and have been wowed and wished I could do that kind of work. Lets use composites for an example. If you read this blog often you know all about Dr John's obsession with composites. I have seen some photos and they are nice. I have seen lectures of absolutely amazing composites that took hours to do and the fee was close to my crown fee. About 70% of the work I do is PPO insurance based. There is no way I could stay in business and spend that kind of time for a $170.00 two surface composite. I will use 1-2 shades and place primary anatomy and if I have time and get crazy place some secondary grooves. Even if I had the time and ability to charge $600-900 for a composite I am not sure I would have the patients to get that detailed and meticulous to do that level of work. I think my results are good/above average but not great like the journals and magazine covers. Most of my patients would not let me take two hours to do one composite. They are working folk and need to get out to take care of the kids or get back to work. I guess my composites are like my blogs; I do put some time and thought into them but have a hard time making them exceptional. I have just figured that out about myself and how I work.
I guess in many ways I am a jack of all trades but a master on none.
What do I do great? Well I would like to think my ability to listen, communicate and make patients comfortable and cared for. I hear many times patients are very pleased about the time I spend and the way I explain and communicate things.

I like to think I am great about following through. I mean when I get my mind set on something I will usually keeping pushing hard until I get it done. Sometimes this can drive myself, family and friends crazy but I get it accomplished.
What do you do great?

Happy New Year,


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