Monday, June 6, 2011

Wanted: Non-dental friends!

Do you ever feel like you never can get away from the office or get a mental break? Since my wife and I both work at the office, it seems like work is always spilling over to the evenings and weekends.

Over the last 16 years or so, most all the people I hang out with or spend a majority of time with are related to the dental world in some way. It is easier to hang out with dental folk becuase we have so much in common, sometimes too much. It seems that my social and professional life have intermingled and become one. Somehow, everything seems to come back to teeth or how to run an office so we can fix teeth.

This weekend, we were invited to spend some time at a local lake with one of our kids' friend's family. It was a pretty day, and they seemed like nice people, so we agreed. He runs/owns a local non-dental buisness and she is a teacher. Almost a totally related event to dentistry, except that the family comes to the office. I am not the most outgoing or social person. It takes me a while to get warmed up to people. My wife is the opposite; she is very comfortable talking to almost anyone.

I was not sure how it was going to be since my normal conversation piece (teeth) was not going to be a topic of conversation. I was hoping there weren't any "anti-dentites" there (thanks, Kramer). Eveyrone at the lake was very nice. It was weird not thinking about dentistry or the office. The converstations did not evolve into the office or some other aspect of my profession except once when one of the kids bumped thier tooth on the intertube. Only once or twice did dentistry come up and it was very brief, which was refreshing! I enjoy what I do, but feel that all of my time gets too wrapped up into it and yesterday was a nice break.

I enjoy the time with my dental friends, but I would really like to spend more time with some non-dental people. I need to develope a friend application.

Question #1. Do you know what a pulp horn is?
Question #2. What does RPD stand for?
Question #3. What does "customary and usual fee" mean?

Get all three wrong and you are accepted!

Have a great week.



Anonymous said...

I think you got it right, Doc! Upon reading the 1st sentence of the 2nd paragraph, I knew what you needed to do; expand your social encounters to the non-dental world. You obviously did. It does wonders for recharging the mental acuity.
I love the application. It works!

jackson said...

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Anonymous said...

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