Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Okay, before I get started, I want to send you to my website.

I just put ME on the website. Go ahead and go to the website now. Wait about 5 seconds and I will come up. I will wait here while you check it out.

I don't think this is a new thing, but it was new to me. I got a hot tip from Scott (one of the other bloggers). He did it to his website (he had an actor do it). He sent me to his website and I was hooked. I said, "I have to do this." One of the best things is that this particular business, Tweople (Tiny Web people), is here in Orlando. So I went to and followed the steps.

I had to draw up my own script, and tell them if it is going to be me or if I wanted someone from their pool of actors to do the deal. I wanted to do it. So I made an appointment to go down there. I two of my kids because I thought it would be a great learning experience.

The reception area is about 60 square feet. There were two offices off to the right and then a back room. When I was called to the back room, it opened up. It was a huge room with a 25 foot high green cloth hanging from the ceiling, a camera in the middle of the room, lights everywhere. Then there was a dude sitting at a computer that fed the camera.

He and I had quick discussion of the script. He suggested some changes to the wording, and I adjusted. When all the kinks were taken out of the script, they put me on the green cloth (which was also on the floor) and told me to look in the camera. The camera also had a teleprompter that the script rolled off of.

It was time to tape. I was supposed to say "Take one," then do my thing. I got about three lines in and made my first mistake. They told me that if I messed, I should keep going so I could practice. I did that, then went straight to, "I am sorry." They said, "No big deal. This is what we do all day. No need to apologize."

So we did it again. And again. And again. First, it was me messing up my lines. Then it was how I held my hands (apparently not allowed to cross your fingers). Then I did a perfect take and he told me a truck went by and he could hear it in the background. Then I messed up my lines again. Then they guys were not saying, "No big deal." It was a lot of sighing and hands on the face.

So on take 15, I almost nailed it and it was good enough for me. By the time I was done, I was sweating and my mouth was parched. I thought about it awhile. Why did I have so much trouble?

How often do we talk with a smile on our faces? I don't speak with a smile on my face. And if I do, I sound ridiculous to myself. How often do you speak to someone and never look away? Look at one point on the wall and smile. Now look at that spot and smile and talk for one minute. You can't look away, and somehow you are supposed to maintain a smile while speaking. Oh, and also, don't cross your fingers. All this to say I have a new-found appreciation for actors.

Oh, before I forget, go back to my website and go to the "About Us" section. The tweople guy decided to film my son Noah. I thought this was a great touch.

All and all, I am thrilled by the way it turned out. I can't help but show people. This was a great way for me to take my template, impersonal website and make it a bit more personal. So many people are going to websites for information, and I think this is just another way that I can stand out from the pack.

Just today, I was sitting at my computer and my dad wass looking through the phone book. (For you young people, a phone book is a book that the phone companies used to give to everyone; it had every person's phone number and every business phone number in it.) As he was cussing because he couldn't find the number, I asked him what he was looking for. I Googled it and found it in about 5 seconds. And he said, "Well, I guess nobody uses the phone book anymore."

"Uh, no Dad, they don't."

I think I Google something about 25 times a day; it's so easy. And I am not done with this Tweople thing. I can film something for each part of the website. Take a look at this website. It is so cool. I want a website like that. Bad.

Are you doing anything special on the web? Do you not believe in the web yet? Do you have an awesome site? Tell me.

Have a great Wednesday.


Kallie said...

too cool!!

Connie said...

That is really awesome!

Anonymous said...

Very nice touch!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice touch!!

TW said...

Great post and website. BTW where did you buy the nice wall plaque with your practice name on it?

Unknown said...

Nice post and website....BTW where did you order the nice wall plaque with your practice name on it?

gatordmd said...


The plague with our name on it is not a plague, it is a fountain.

I absolutely love it.

And believe or not I got it through
Patterson. I went and got a Patterson catalog to see if I could get a number for you but I don't see them in there.

But ask your rep and if you don't have a Patterson rep, call their 800 number. 1-800-873-7683
I think they use to carry all personalized stuff like carpets and stuff like that.
If I can remember correctly it was like $1100. I think the slate made it more $$.

Hope that helps,


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