Monday, May 16, 2011

Odds & Ends


Boy, I have been in a slump lately. Just one of those periods of time where things don't always turn out exactly the way you would want them to. The one thing I do love about being a dentist though is taking time off. It always does my mind good to get away for a few days and just recharge.

Recently, we went to Boston. Wow, what a great city. Right across the street from our hotel was a small cemetery. John Hancock, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and many more famous names from history are buried there. I was just amazed. I had to go by the place "Cheers" was based on, not to mention all of the other historical sites. We were told that we HAD to go to Regina's Pizza, which is supposedly the best pizza on the planet. It has been open since 1926. The line was wrapped around the building to get in, but I must admit, it was the best pizza I ever had. I cannot wait to go back and see all the things I missed the first time around.

Usually in September, me and "the boys" take a motorcycle trip out to the Carolinas. I have been through 4 motorcycles in the last 10 years because I just can't seem to find that perfect fit for my size. I am 5 foot 6 (5 foot 6 and a half, if I blow dry my hair), and finding a short bike can be difficult for me. This is my Yamaha FZ6r that I am riding right now.

I forgot to mention that when we go on the motorcycle trips, we do not go by our normal names. I am Scooter! (Sometimes I go by Mad Dog, depending on the weather.)

The Carolina mountains are just beautiful, especially on the Blue Ridge Parkway. There is nothing quite like being out in open, smelling the mountain air, and being just on this side of very dangerous. Here are the guys from the last trip.

back row:left to right: Turbo, Scooter (that day), Dragon Slayer, Nitro, and Afterburner (kneeling). I could tell you their real names, but that would go against the code. I am going to be at an implant course this September, so I am not sure if I'm going on the trip this year or not.

Last night, we took my parents to a place called Cinebistro. Basically, it's a movie theater where they serve you dinner in your seat while you watch the movie. We ended up seeing Thor in 3D, which was actually really good. If you are ever on I-75 near Wesley Chapel, check this place out. It's a very unique way to enjoy a movie. Well, not much more with odds and ends today. I hope everyone has a great week. I am hoping mine turns around because I haven't even been able to get a matrix band to fit on a tooth lately!

Talk to you all soon.
Scooter... umm I mean... Scott


Dental Daddy said...

Isn't there a dentist from the movie "Wild Hogs?" I think there is! I bet the movie was based off you, huh!

Love reading the blog. I can't wait to be able to recharge. We do get a month off between D1 and D2 though!

Keep up the great work!

Doylestown Teeth Whitening said...

Excellent blog, witty and informative keep up the good posting!

Anonymous said...


I lived in Boston for 4 years and worked as a USPS/Coast Guard Dental Officer
on Commercial street .we lived in Back Bay on Commonwealth Avenue

Regina's pizza ( the real one in the old North End/Italian section) was my haunt for
all those years. Just about every week-end; it was pretty cheap back then. ( My wife is Sicilian, so you can understand)..

I attended the Yankee dental meeting years later and before I flew home to Detroit, I
ordered a Regina pizza to go and flew home with it and surprised my wife..

(And I got lucky that night, too).

Still miss that place and the wine.

It was the best pizza! Enjoy your addition to the blog.


Dr Fran

ibdrillin said...

Flying home with a pizza. That's pretty impressive.

gatordmd said...

Do you check it or do you put it in the over head compartment?


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