Friday, October 1, 2010

I got a ticket and I am fuming!

It's Friday - not even this blog can get me down.

Final football game last night. Hip hip hooray. And we went out with a bang! A 28-20 win. 1-4 ain't half bad. The other team had only 18 players. But that is not a stat. The only thing that matters is the "W."

Oh my gosh, it was a long season. It was an 8 week season that felt like a year and a half. I think it was long for Luke too. I mean, school, practice, shower, eat, homework, bed. That is what he did every night for 8 weeks. It gets old, especially when you are getting crushed every game.

Slow dental week so you are going to hear about my life instead.

I got a ticket last week. I have been trying to rectify it in my mind all week. I didn't get a ticket for speeding. I didn't get a ticket for running a stop sign. I didn't get a ticket for making an illegal u-turn. I got a ticket crossing a double yellow line. Let me explain.

I was driving home and to take a left into my neighborhood there is a turning lane. Before the turning lane is something called a "yellow line island." This is the buffer zone between a center lane and a turn lane. I turned into this "island" to roll into the turning lane. THIS IS WHAT I GOT A TICKET FOR.

I was so angry I couldn't sleep for two days. Look, I know I actually violate the law, on purpose, about 10 times a day. But this ticket was so stupid. There was no reason for it. I was not endangering anyone. I feel like a grave injustice has been done. I mean, police officers are here to protect and serve us no one there needed serving or protecting. I think he just wanted to give me a ticket. He just wanted my $189 and to give me 3 points on my license.

This, officer, maybe all of 24 yeard old, came up to my car and asked me if I knew why he was pulling me over. I knew what I had done, but I didn't think in a million years this would be worth his time to give me a ticket.

I had to eat my anger and say, "Sir, I think it might have been because I drove into the yellow line island."

Then we had a discussion about why I thought doing this was in no way a ticketable offense, all while holding back the, "Listen, kid, I have been driving longer than you have been alive. Why are you wasting time and resources pulling me over for this ridiculous thing?"

Because at this point he's got me by the...well, you know. If I tick him off before he goes back to his car he could throw the book at me. He could give me a ticket for bald tires, endangering the lives of other drivers, driving into oncoming traffic, a bumper that is too low, and whatever other laws that he could say I was breaking. He could easily make this $189 ticket $500 in a swipe of a pen.

So I got the ticket. Then all the thinking began. I should have talked to him before he went back to his car. I should have told him my church cooks breakfast for all first responders on Thanksgiving morning. I should have told him I was a dentist (I have heard some cops don't give tickets to doctors or dentists). I should have told him I was friends with 2 cops on his force, "See I have their numbers on my phone."

But all this happened so fast and he went back to his car so fast that there wasn't that much time to think. AND I really didn't think he was going to give me a ticket even after he went back to his car. So there I was, with the ticket in hand, and there was no sense in my telling him to bug off.

Even after he told me to have a nice day, I was so angry I didn't know what to say. I figured my mouth was going to get me in trouble so I didn't say anything. But I regret not getting my whits about me and just telling him how I felt without being incensed.

I could have asked him, "How are you protecting and serving anyone right now?" I know police are always trying to build relationships with the people that they are serving. How was he doing this? By hanging out in front of the upper middle class neighborhood (the people that pay more than 90% of his, I am bitter) and making sure people don't drive over a double yellow at 4 mph?

So now what do I do? Well, I go into damage control mode. I call one of my patients that is higher up on this particular force, and I sing him my blues. He tells me he wishes he could do something, but second in command just got fired for getting people out of tickets. But he made me feel good when he said the guy was just being a jerk by writing me that ticket.

My assistant's husband is a past chief of police and knows the chief of this force.
I thought about calling him, but decided against it. I thought about going to court and just hoping he doesn't show up. But what am I going to say to the judge, "I think this guy was being a meanie." I mean I did it, as ridiculous as the ticket is, I still did it.

Now, my last thing is I am looking into an attorney "to make this go away," Doesn't that sound so Sapranos? I don't know how they do this, but I have heard of them. I don't think it is dirty or anything but I don't want this police officer to have the satisfaction (it's not like he ever thought of me again). It is just the principle.

But basically, I am all out of options. I am probably going to have to pay the stupid ticket. I did something wrong and I got a ticket for it. But I don't know why I'm so angry. I think I am entitled to NOT get tickets. I am a good driver. I have never been in an accident. Before this one, I have received one ticket in 17 years (and that one I deserved).

I pay my taxes and I am happy to do it. I appreciate police officers and what they do for me and my family. I know they have a hard job and I sure as heck wouldn't want to do it. I just don't want to get tickets - because it sucks. Is that too much to ask?

"Have a great day and drive carefully out there." (Oooh, that ticks me off just writing it.)

Marathon in 9 days. I guess it is too late to start training hard.


Anonymous said...

It really sucks that you got that ticket. It's really outrageous, too. So what if your tires touched the yellow line. It just goes to show you that it is not about safety, it is about revenue. They hang out in upper middle class neighborhoods just waiting to pop someone who will most certainly pay the fine. Never mind that you are probably getting raped on property taxes, too. I really feel your pain.

I can't wait to hear all about your marathon.

Anonymous said...

Your anger and aimosity are justified. This strikes me as a "revenue enhancement" for the governing bodies that be. I'd go, representing myself, to the hearing and plead my case to the magistrate, stating all that you wish you had told the cop. It comes across as sincere and geninue to me. Also, add that no one was injured, no property was damaged and no permanent harm occurred. Ask that the charges be dismissed, based upon your impeccable record. If this fails, ask for a reduction in charges w/o points on your license. You'd probably have to pay the fine, but at least it would be partial vindication. Let us know what happens.

Anonymous said...

I once got pulled over by a cop that was a patient of mine. He had me dead to right's. Speeding and no seat belt, rarely I am I guilty of these offenses, but I was that day. He said to me, "You use very sharp instruments on a very sensitive part of my body, slow down put on your seat belt and have a nice day." Whew.
Sorry about your bad luck. Have a nice day.

DMDrep said...

I seem to get all the same kind of tickets - and I take them with a smile on my face.
I just pay the thing and remember not to do it again. You are absolutely right - but it would cost you more to make your point and wouldn't change the world.

Yar said...

Wow!!! What a story! I mean... It SUCKS that for 17 years you've tried to not get tickets, probably tried hard, cuz I wouldn't be able to do that. :D And all of a sudden this... BAM!...

I've had a problem a year ago, too. I don't know about your state, but here in WA you can turn right on yellow, just have to be cautious. So I was driving responsibly just behind everyone else. And I had to turn right. So the cars in front of me turned right without stopping, I was the last one and the light turned yellow. I continued turning and went on the highway. All of a sudden a cop pulls me over and tells me I violated the traffic light by going on red. I didn't have time to explain him a lot, so he wrote me out a ticket for 124 bucks. That made me mad...
I didn't really know what to do back then. But just recently I heard about this interesting company called Prepaid Legal Services. And for about $35 a month you get your personal lawyer 24/7.. Any time you call, they are always there to help and even if you got pulled over, you can tell the cop to talk to your lawyer.
And there's also other things the lawyers help with. I got like a bank problem: my client wrote me out a check for $750 and then three months later she just went to her bank and said she never wrote that out. So they took the money from my account. I talked to her, she would refuse talking. So now my lawyer is filing a lawsuit to resolve this. No headache for me :)

If you guys wanna check this out yourself, go to:

There's some info about the company.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that you even knew the term "yellow line island". I wouldn't have even had the vocabulary to identify the infraction.

gatordmd said...

I did a Google search.
Isn't that how everyone gets their information now a days.
I am still pissed about the ticket and it has been two weeks.

Anonymous said...

I am so mad that I actually googled for some sort of solace on the internet for 'i am so mad I just got a stop sign ticket' and was graciously brought to your story. I am sorry for you too. I just need to vent...I was driving my daughter to school, the way we go usually every day. We were in a bit of a rush, but not showing it by laughing at something really silly. All of a sudden, I see flashing lights on an 'unmarked car'...can't be for me. I know I stopped at the past 6 stop signs it takes to get to school as well as for the red light. My daughter is so excited as she loves policemen (yeah me too when they smile at you at the parade and give you a lollypop)! So he comes up to the window, bad breath, probably angry with the world and a mom on her way. 'License and registration' uh oh, did I even have my wallet? I think quick and realize that I did have it at Dave & Busters yesterday with the kids, so it must be somewhere. phew. I pull it out of my bag, sitting next to my 8 year old little angel who is sitting stiller than ever. I do a little prayer that the reg and insurance card are in the car, and they are. I ask if I can just drop my daughter off at school as she is now running late when we were on time. This he does not like. 'No miss, please stay here'. I reply with the fact that she hurt her foot really badly the week before and needs time to get up the stairs as our elevator pass has run out. Am I kidding? He responds with 'is it a matter for me to call the fire department'? I reply, no that won't be necessary. He goes back to his 'unmarked' vehicle, with his flashers still on, great for the school drama queens. I mean, really, we are just coming to the realization we lost Whitney, people's body parts have been found near the highways, men killing their wives, hunger, child sex molesters are teaching assistant's in schools. And I have to get a ticket? I have been up since 5 am making breakfast, doing laundry, cleaning and preparing two beautiful healthy children for a full week. I am a good driver and a good person!!!
As he comes back smiling he hands me my stuff with one hand. However, he is hiding something in his other hand. Jerk. Ticket. To do what, pay this corrupt city? I know the police officers work hard and put their lives on the line everyday. But from a forty something year old mom of two trying to make it without medicating myself (not judging at all)? I mention the body parts that need to be found and thank him for taking the time to stop me. My daughter agrees his time can be better spent, and try to laugh about it.

I am fuming but want to wait til my little girl is safe in school. She walks in and up the stairs with a kiss, a smile and a 'bye mommy'. ok, I've calmed down. The kids are safe and that's all that matters. Jerk, he can't ruin my day. I pull into the lot of a beach catering hall and come face to face with another cop car. He was just drinking coffee and I seriously considered getting out of my car and telling him my woes, but decided to get into work, as I was now running late.
Thanks for the space to discuss :0)


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