Friday, June 26, 2009

Just a couple of stories

Okay Noah is the funniest five year old ever. I have told you stories but this one might top them all.
He is doing Vacation Bible School for the first time this year.
It is the first time he has been with these teachers so I think he recognizes this as an opportunity to charm other woman or it is just could be natural for him.
One kid, Nathan, came into camp this week with a wad of gum hanging on the side of his head. Noah seeing this he went to the teacher.
He asked if Nathan was in his class today.
The teacher told him Nathan was in the other class today.
He said, "Good, because I think I see Nathan's brains coming out."
Now some of you may think, the kids is a goof but I tell you he had everyone rolling.

Another funny story.
I just joined the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.
See they have an annual meeting this year in Orlando. They have put a pretty good program on this year, Dr. John Kois and Dr. John Cranham and Cathy Jameson.
I wanted to go to this meeting. I looked it up and it was free for members of the academy and it was $650 for non-members.
I thought to myself, "How much could it be to join? I mean if I join I am in the meeting for free."
I called the FACD and asked how much was it to join their illustrious academy and she told me $550.
I was like cool. I will join and save $100.
Well I paid for my membership and found out there is a $100 first time processing fee.
So I didn't save any money but now I am part of the club and I get to go to the meeting.
So the story begins here.
I get an email from the FACD...I will print it.

Dr. Gammichia,

This email is a follow-up to a voicemail left this morning. FACD recently determined that it was going to start a monthly e-newsletter as a value added benefit for its members. The newsletter will offer various tips for improvement as well as updates/changes in the profession and with your Academy.
Our first newsletter is right around the corner and one of the features will be a New Member Spotlight where we highlight a new member of FACD. Your name immediately came to mind as you are the newest member of the Academy.
If you are interested in being highlighted in our newsletter, please let me know. All it would entail is that you would need to answer the nine questions below and submit a headshot (there is an adorable one on your website with your family we could probably use).
I look forward to hearing from you and once again, thank you for your support of FACD!

This woman also left me another message on my voicemail.
I bumped up my chest and started with, "Oh they must know who I am."
I started thinking that the FACD offices were all a buzz that they now have a member in John Gammichia.
So I called them. She went over the whole thing again and I agreed to help them with this "New Member profile."
I then ended the conversation with "Why me?" I didn't really believe that I was the newest member....there had to be more.
She stated very clearly that they were doing a new member profile and that I was THEE NEWEST MEMBER.
So it was not because I am getting huge in the dental world. It is not because they know me up in the offices of the FACD. Man what a blow to the ego (the problem is I have an ego but it is all my own doing. It is not because I have deserved an ego)
I depressed my chest and told her I would do her stupid thing.
So look for the August edition of the FACD monthly emailed newsletter (it is huge) and you will see my ordinary, not so huge in the dental world mug.

Hey have a great weekend,

Two weeks until the AGD meeting. Anyone going? If you are you have to go to the baseball game on Friday night. I am going... and you know I am huge (almost 200lbs).

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