Monday, June 22, 2009


Happy Father's day.
A rare Monday blog.
I hope you Father's had a nice day yesterday.
I had a really nice day. Family, food and fun.
My garage is done so I spent some of the day moving stuff in it. I now have a new attic so I was moving stuff in there. It was 101 degrees on Saturday so going to the attic this weekend was not a pleasant experience. You went outside in the 101 degree heat to cool off.
I was just excited to finish the garage. Its looking good.

Last weekend I was driving down the road and my five year old Noah says, "Dad, you know what you need?"
I said, "What do I need Noah?"
He said, "You need a Ferrari."
I got to tell you I totally agree with him.
But things are going to have to change in my life for this to happen. The blog is going to really have to take off and I will get international sponsors or the book I haven't written yet will be a best seller. Or someone is going to have to give me one. HINT HINT.

I finished my book, To Own a Dragon. It was good.
I am now reading The Same Kind of Different as Me. Everyone that has read this one has said the same thing. Dude that is a good book.

I went to the Florida state dental meeting this weekend. It is always in June and it is always in Orlando. Very convenient.
I saw a couple of lectures.
The first one was from a guy named Jeff Plank. The course was called The Fast,Furious and Fabulous Direct Posterior Composite Filling.
It was a four hour course. I saw 5 pictures of fillings. He spent 3 hours talking about composites. He spent an hour talking about himself. He spent a 5 minutes on how he does fillings. Then showed us his work at the end.
Here is my thing. Composites have been around in the mainstream for about 15-20 years. If someone doesn't know the science behind the composite filling TOO BAD. Don't spend an hour or TWO talking about adhesives and all the generations because all the old guys are trying composites for the first time.
Don't get me wrong he did very good work and he was fun to listen to but if you are going to have a four hour lecture on posterior composites don't you think you could show me some posterior composites.
I don't want you to tell me you do good work I want to see it. And I totally love this one,
"I did this filling this week with a product I just started using and I am starting to like it."
You mean, "you got this product for free and the company is paying you to use it and talk about it."
I hate that stuff. It is okay to get paid to do this but don't lecture on a product you don't know anything about and that you might stop using next week.

Is it me or is the pipeline slowing down?
I remember about 5 years ago I was being inundated with products. New products, new and improved products. More and more and more.
Now I don't feel overwhelmed by not knowing all the products because I don't feel like there isn't that much more coming.
Now it could be that I am just not out there as much or I don't WANT to know the new stuff.
I feel like I have settled in. I like it the way it is now and don't want to change.
I am telling you...I am turning into my dad.

I saw another lecture The Day in the Life of a Top Gun Team.
By Mark Hyman and his assistant Tina Calloway.
These kind of lectures are okay to go to but you really don't learn anything.
Mark is funny and a very good speaker but...if I wanted to laugh I would go to a comedy club.
I want to take stuff home. I want to go to office on Monday (or Tuesday) with new stuff. Not, I went to this funny course. And it was suppose to be a three hour course. It was one hour and 55 minutes.

I don't know, maybe it is me. Maybe I am too critical. Maybe I just pick the wrong lecture.
I now look back at the list that I had to choose from. Quickbook Essentials...NO. Estate Planning, securing your legacy....NO. A Typical Day of Laser Dentistry...NO. The Fundamentals of Air Polishing...NO. The Dental Spa...I am not into that right now. Ask and You Shall Receive, the Art of Getting the Yes...I am not into this either, ever. And Invisalign II...I would have taken this one but I haven't had the prerequisite.
So I am not a person that puts these things together but I picked the only two courses that made any sense to me and they both were average at best.
This is why I am looking forward to the AGD annual meeting. They know how to put a program together.
I told you I am seeing Howard Farran and Gordan Christensen. I am really looking forward to these lectures.
I am hosting the Howard Farran one.
I love doing this. I have done it about ten times and I think ONE of the guys gave me the time of day. I will let you know how it goes.

Have a great day,

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